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"Family eBusiness" is the term we apply to the web site of a family business. The success of your family eBusiness may be crucial to the survival of your family’s business!

"When you read about a family business that is closing down, check and see if they have a web site! Many will not have a web site, and if they do, it is a web site that does not get much traffic.

Think about the correlation – the connection between having an effective web site and the success/failure of the family’s business," suggests top family business expert Don Schwerzler

"Ten years ago, people were debating about having a web site. Many family businesses opted to have a web site – not in terms of it being an income stream or an online business – they had a web site because other businesses were starting to put up web sites (most were simply electronic calling cards). We see the same phenomenon today when people are opening Twitter accounts and/or other like-minded social networking organizations even though they may not have a clue as to how they can monetize that social networking account. They feel compelled to open one because it is the popular thing to do!"

Schwerzler has been studying and advising family businesses for more than 40 years and he is the founder of the Family Business Institute When it comes to creating a family ebusiness, THE fundamental truth is that traffic is the life blood of a successful web site. Regardless of how many bells and whistles built into a web site to make it “look” or “feel” good – without a powerful understanding of how to organize the content and the architecture of a web site to grab traffic – it will be a family ebusiness that arrives on the Internet, DOA!

There are many ways to assess the effectiveness of a web site – one quick test is to check the Alexa rating. If a web site is not ranked within the top million web sites on the Internet, the commercial viability of the web site will be compromised Test The Traffic Ranking For Your Site!

If you Google a web site and the web site does not come up on the first page – that site is not going be an important component of an online business!

If your family ebusiness fails the Alexa and the Google test – your family ebusiness is seriously flawed – immediate remedial action should be taken. If you have questions about your family ebusiness – contact us – we can help!

When it comes to explaining how to create a successful eBusiness, the best expert is Dr. Ken Evoy – the man who developed the Solo Build It (SBI) program. We recommend SBI because we know it works – it is the system we used to develop our web site - the highest-ranked, full-service family business resource site on the Internet. You are on our site right now – as the old saying goes, the “proof of the pudding...!”

If you are trying to understand “WHY” your family ebusiness is sitting dead in the water – we have some powerful links that will help you understand the action you need to take to improve the performance of your family ebusiness. The material is presented so anyone can understand – there is no technical jargon – just straight forward information.

If you have been “down-sized” or your company has been merged or gone out-of-business, you know how tough the job market is. One option, perhaps the best option, is to start your own family ebusiness. It might be a smarter option than sitting at home and wasting time sending out resumes. If that be the case, the following links might be the launching pad for your new career!

It can be that easy!

Your Personal Guide To Online Success!

Video Demo Guide To Online Success!

Complimentary Affiliate Masters Course!

Make Money Selling Other People’s Products!

Join The 5 Pillar Affiliate Program!

Attention Auction Sellers!

Will Blogging Build Your Business?

Solo Build It -- Case Studies!

Decision Making Made Easy!

Compare Solo Build It Feature By Feature & Dollar By Dollar!

Become An Infopreneur!

SBI Extends Big Media Reach!

WAHM (Work At Home Moms)!

WAHM-It – The Masters Course!

Starting A Work-From-Home-Business!

Students - - Make Money And Enhance Your Resume!

Tired of “Retired”-- Become An Internet Business Consultant!







The reality for most family businesses is that the opportunities online far outweigh the difficulties. When you strip the hype and distortion away and look at the situation, it is clearly possible to succeed online.

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We have a good section to help you determine if going online is right for your family business. Maybe it really isn't right for you, but don't make that decision until you consider all the facts.

Check out The WORLD Wide Web Can Help Your LOCAL Business and its LOCAL clients to be sure.

Here's the bottom line on e-commerce... If you have a great product, and a site that sells, and can bring targeted traffic to your site cost-effectively, you will succeed. There are no other variables. eCommerce Success MAKE YOUR SITE SELL!

Website conversion strategies usually focus on selling. That's why they don't work. Learn how to make them effective. A Startling Facts About How To Develop Really Effective Website Conversion Strategies

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