Our online Family Business Executive Roundtable is designed to provide family business owners a platform from which they can discuss problems and issues with other family business owners as well as experts who deal with solving those difficult and complex issues that arise out of family business dynamics.

Family business expert Don Schwerzler has been advising family business owners for more than 50 years and is the founder of the Family Business Institute and their online organization Family Business, both of which are headquartered in Atlanta GA.

The online Family Business Executive Roundtable is both philosophical as well as practical – a time to learn and a time to reflect on basic goals and objectives – finding that balance between personal and professional development. And achieving that critical balance between family and business!

Discussion topics discussed in our Family Business Executive Roundtable  range from the usual issues that confront a family business such as succession planning, family feuds, drug and alcohol addiction, dispute resolution techniques, organizational development, marketing and business development, etc.  –  to contemporary issues like dealing with COVID19 where succession concerns may be taking a back burner to concerns about the survival of your family business…!

The Family Business Executive Roundtable meetings are conducted online using ZOOM. If you are not a member of ZOOM, you can join for free at

We offer an exciting “internal” extension of the Family Business Executive Roundtable - meetings conducted and specifically tailored for members of your family business.  Now there is an opportunity to have family meetings/discussions facilitated by family business experts – skilled at leading discussions on sensitive or emotionally charged topics. Furthermore, it can be an opportunity to discuss and understand the family’s values and how those values shape the decision-making process for the business.

Family Business Executive Roundtable Invitation

A major problem for many family business owners is having someone to talk with!

How important is it for a family business owner to have someone who is objective, experienced and will protect confidential discussions.

Having someone who is not a friend, who is not part of the family, not part of the family’s business and not a professional service provider already connected to the business (CPA, lawyer, banker, etc.).

Now there is a family business resource especially designed for family business owners – the Family Business Executive Roundtable.

There is an old saw about “being lonely at the top” and that certainly applies to owners of a family business. People ask why heading up a family business is more difficult than running any other business.

As explained by leading family business expert Don Schwerzler, “The decision making process in a family business is especially complex because of the three “systems” that are part of a family business: The Ownership System; the Management System; and the Family System. A decision in one “system” will have consequences in the other two systems. And when a problem occurs in one “system” – it will quickly cascade into the other two “systems”. When problems occur in these systems they are often highly emotionally charged – and without resolution can escalate into situations that can wreck the business and destroy family relationships.”

The meetings of the Family Business Executive Roundtable (FBER) are held on-line using ZOOM so you can conveniently participate in a meeting from your office, your home or when travelling.  

There are several types of FBER meetings. Some are informational – where there is a “presenter” discussing a particular issue that is concerning to family business owners. The presenters are part of the FBER resource pool of expertise. For instance, as a family business owner you might be interested in a discussion about forming a Family Business Foundation; Or sitting in on a discussion about how environmental issues can torpedo the succession planning process; Or participating in strategy sessions about marketing and business development; Or about dealing with family feuds. As you can see, we can quickly organize an informal get together using ZOOM on any topic.

For family business owners interested conducting family business meetings – FBER is the solution. For so many family businesses, the family is no longer living nearby – they are spread out over the country. Many family members may not be working in the family business but are shareholders in the family business and what to stay informed. The family business experts at FBER can facilitate these meetings to ensure the meetings stay on track and don’t get derailed on some ancillary issues. Family meetings can now be done on-line – not just when the family gets together for holidays!  

If you would like more information about being part of the Family Business Executive Roundtable, simply  ASK THE EXPERT 


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