Dealing With Alcoholism

In a Family Business

Dealing with alcoholism in a family business is a tough and complex problem.

How many family businesses are impacted by alcoholism? We don't know. But only about 30% of family businesses successfully transition to the second generation. For many, alcoholism is a factor. We know that for many family businesses dealing with alcoholism, the problem can wreck the family and destroy the business.

We also know that in the Unites States, more than 50% of marriages fail. Divorce can be a catastrophic event for a family business. We know that alcoholism is a significant problem in many divorces.

The FAMILY BUSINESS ALCOHOL RECOVERY PROGRAM (FBARP) takes a unique and innovative approach to dealing with alcoholism in a family business. We do not run a recovery treatment facility – we are a special support team for members of a family business. We “quarterback” the action program – helping the family to organize the logistics associated with the alcohol recovery process.

Our family business alcohol expert has been sober for 33 years, a successful entrepreneur who runs several family businesses – and along the way has helped more than 400 men and woman struggling with a drinking problem.

What makes FBARP special? We understand alcoholism – PLUS we are experts in dealing with family business dynamics. We can help the individual, the family and the family’s business as the alcohol problem is being addressed.

Getting started with FBARP as simple as ONE TWO THREE!

STEP ONE – use the ASK THE EXPERT form at the bottom of this page to contact our family business alcohol expert. It will allow you to arrange a confidential, no-cost phone consultation so we can learn about your concerns.

STEP TWO – our family business alcohol expert will make suggestions and recommendations - how best to deal with the issues that are impacting your family and your family business.

STEP THREE - launching the FBARP. This comprehensive process will engage the issues presented by the individual, the family and the family’s business. The program is specially designed for the needs of each client.

DON’T WAIT! Alcoholism is a problem that will not fix itself or go away if it is ignored – the problems will simply get worse and the consequences more severe.

If you are a family business struggling with a family member with a problem with alcohol, ACT NOW!

STEP ONE is the hardest step - and you have already started the process when you visited our website!

Go ahead and complete the ASK THE EXPERT form. Remember, we can do together, what you cannot do alone.

Don't stop! Rapid change is possible! TODAY is a great day to begin re-creating your future.

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