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Family Business Experts offers a broad range of tips and success strategies to address the spectrum of unique and complex problems that impact family businesses.

If you have a problem that is threatening your family business, you have come to the right place for help according to leading family business expert Don Schwerzler

Schwerzler has been studying and advising family business family business entrepreneurs for more than 40 years. He is the founder of the Family Business Institute and the web organization Family Business Experts, both of which are headquartered in Atlanta GA (Veteran Owned Businesses).

Our team of family business experts is nationally recognized for our work in pioneering the multi-discipline approach to solving the unique and complex problems that impact family-owned businesses.

Our comprehensive Succession Management process has proven to be of great value to families interested in passing the business from one generation of family ownership to the next generation of family ownership. If you are concerned about the succession process for your family's business - Contact Us - we can help.

The keys to growing a family business and maintaining healthy family relationships are trust, strong family values and open communications. This site is dedicated to supporting one of the most complex organizations in the world - the family-owned business.

We understand family values and know how best to connect family values to best business practices. The strategies we recommend are not theories - they are proven success strategies for family businesses.

The Secret To A Successful Family Business?

Understand that the family business system is driven by the values of the family system. Simply put, if you intend to make a strategic plan for the business, a strategic plan should first be developed for the family.

Is Your Family Business A Battleground?

It doesn't have to be that way. Using the strategies we talk about on this site will enable you to chart a safe course through the minefield of problems that can wreck your family business and destroy your family relationships.

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If you are not able to find exactly the right answer for your problem - ASK THE EXPERT will respond within 48 hours - a complimentary service for members of family-owned businesses.

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Family Business Experts
Family Business Experts 20 person team is nationally recognized for our work in pioneering the multi-discipline approach to solving the unique and complex problems that impact the family business.
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Ask The Family Business Expert - Here's your chance to ask our family business expert about issues and concerns you may have about your family business.
Don Schwerzler Interview
In the early 80's Don Schwerzler founded the very first multi-disciplined, full-service resource for family-owned businesses.
Family Business Strategy Master
Our family business strategy master can help a family business owner realize the true potential of the business.
Fractional Executives
AI fractional executives can play a key role in helping a family business reach its true potential.
Family Business Consulting
Family Business Consulting resources provided by Atlanta-based Family Business Institute offer tips and success strategies for family businesses
Client Testimonials - What Others Say About Us
Client testimonials - what others say about us.
family business help
If you are a family business owner seeking family business help - you have come to the right place!
Family Business Forum
The Family Business Forum provides a Peer Advisory Group (PAG) platform for family business owners to offer tips and strategies to other family business owners.
Family Business Troubleshooter
Being a family business troubleshooter can be akin to being in a room of mirrors.
Training and Development
Training and development is essential for survival and growth in today's competitive marketplace. Here are twelve points to consider for single-course and ongoing training programs.
Blog Feedback
Blog feedback form
Succession Management Process Gains International Recognition
Our succession management process is gaining international recognition. Learn why as we describe it from the most important perspective - the clients.
Family Business Succession
Family business succession - whose job is it?
Contingency Plan for an Uncertain Future
A contingency plan uses strategies required to cover the death or incapacitation of key family managers.
Coronavirus Business Recovery Strategies
developing a coronavirus business recovery strategy can help the business survive.
Chaos Busters
Chaos Busters - The Management Guide provides questions that will make your organization more effective, efficient and scalable
Family Business Executive Coach
Our family business executive coach can help a family business realize its true potential - helping businesses perform better and improve the value proposition
Family Business Executive Roundtable
The online Family Business Executive Roundtable is designed to provide family business owners an interactive platform to discuss tips and success strategies
Family Business Help Desk
The Family Business Help Desk is a resource family business owners can use to get expert advice on family and business issues that are hurting their family's business
In Praise of Nepotism: An Interview with Adam Bellow
Adam Bellow's remarkable book - In Praise of Nepotism: A Natural History - in our opinion is a must-read for anyone in a family business. Or any business.
Family feuds can be avoided with seven simple tips
Family feuds won't kill your family business if you follow these seven simple tips.
Family Business Media Center
Family business media center provides writers, editors and reporters with insights into the complex dynamics of family-owned businesses
Digital Marketing Expert
Family businesses should consider using a digital marketing expert to increase sales and profits
Family Business Innovation - “If it ain’t broke, break it”
Family business innovation drives entrepreneurship, not caretaking. Learn how to start an innovation program and 10 mind sets that have to change.
Advisory Board Benefits Family Business
An advisory board made up of experienced outsiders brings a fresh perspective to problems and opportunities that face both the family and the family business.
Organizational Strategy
Organizational strategy is concerned with envisioning a future for your family business, creating value in the eyes of your customers, and building and sustaining a strong position in the marketplace.
Signs of Alcohol Addiction
Knowing the signs of alcohol addiction could save your loved one and your family business
Alcoholism and the Family Business
Alcoholism is a disease that can hurt family businesses when a key family member is losing the battle with alcohol addiction
Alcoholism Intervention
Alcoholism intervention in a family business is a complex problem that impacts the family and the business.
Dealing With Alcoholism in a Family Business
Dealing with alcoholism in a family business is a tough and complex problem that can wreck the family and destroy the family's business
Family Business Institute
Family Business Institute is Atlanta based and founded by Don Schwerzler - provides success strategies for family businesses
Family Business Assessment
Our Family Business Assessment process has been perfected over 40 years working hundreds of family businesses, large and small and a broad spectrum of industries
family business analytics
Family business analytics can be the key to growing your family business in size and profitability
Professionalizing Family Business Management
Professionalizing family business management is the most difficult and emotionally destructive problem confronted in family businesses. Learn how to handle it by evolution rather than revolution.
Exit Planning
Exit planning is necessary because you will transfer your business interest - either during your lifetime, or you will die or become incapacitated. Learn how to avoid the chaos of forced liquidation.
family business conflict
Family business conflict can destroy a family business and wreck family relationships
Family Business Resource Center
Atlanta-based Family Business Institute is a leading Family Business Resource Center (FBRC) providing connected solutions to the unique and complex issues that confront family businesses.
Planning for Retirement
When a family business owner is planning to retire, a profound and basic decision must be made: whether or not to pass the business on to the next generation
Family Business Advisor
Family business advisor Don Schwerzler, top family business expert and founder of the Family Business Institute has been studying and advising family businesses for more than 40 years.
Nexters and the succession process - succession is not a spectator sport!
unpaid internships
Unpaid internships are used by some family businesses as a way of testing a recent college graduate as a potential employee before putting them on the payroll.
Legal Forms
Legal forms can help formalize the management style of a family business
Family Business Blog
Family Business Blog offers tips and success strategies for family businesses. Our Family Business Blog also keeps you up-to-date with all the additions and changes to www.family-business-experts.com
What is Digital Marketing
What is digital marketing and how can it help grow a family business both in size and profitability
Conflict Negotiations
Conflict negotiations in a family business are complex because they involve family, management and ownership issues.
Building Consensus in a Family Business
Building consensus about how the business should be operated, now and into the future, is one of the most difficult problems confronting family businesses.
Family Business Strategic Planning
family business strategic planning can be key for family businesses to successfully transitioning the family business to the next generation
Family Business Finance Expert
Every family business owner should have and maintain a relationship with a family business finance expert
Future Proof Your Family Business
As a family business owner, what are you doing to future proof your family business?
Learning and Innovation - The Art of Connecting Them
Learning and innovation are two linked strategies for successful family businesses. Here are nine changes that will shape innovation.
Family Business Facilitator
Using an experienced family business facilitator makes family business meetings and retreats more effective.
Family Business Profiles - Success Stories
Family Business Profiles - the antidote to today's gloom and doom business stories. Learn from family businesses that have overcome difficulties to succeed and prosper.
Family Business Telephone Consultation
A family business telephone consultation is an effective means to get a real time solution for family business issues
Southern Business Research
Southern Business Research strategies enable businesses to improve growth and profits
Performance Metrics
Performance metrics requires that the major work functions in every department be identified both in terms of volume and time. The premise is that work not measured cannot be managed.
family business entrepreneurs
Family business entrepreneurs drive the American economy
Is franchising a smart strategy for a family interested in starting a business together?
Company Mission Statements: Dreams and Goals
Company mission statements show how the dream will become reality - the goals a company must reach and the methods it will use to reach those goals - what the company is all about.
Paying It Forward
We appreciate your support and financial donations – an opportunity for paying it forward.
Business Ideas
New business ideas and business intelligence are crucial strategies for family business owners who want to re-vision and scale their family business
SWOT Analysis - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
SWOT Analysis is one of the best strategic tools you can use. Learn about how it can focus you internally on strengths and weaknesses and externally on opportunities and threats.
Change Management Theories: looking for a winner
Change management theories BPR and TQM are partial. The Theory of the Holonomic Organization finally seems to be a complete theory for change and adaptation.
PGOO is the best book available on leadership and organization
Succession Planning Survey
Use this succession planning survey along with Don Schwerzler's no-cost assessment to help you beat the dismal 30% odds that your family business will transition to the next generation.
We The People
We The People begins the preamble to the US Constitution
Transition tips for family businesses
The transition of ownership from one generation to the next can cause havoc in the family business and the family. Here are three ideas to help ensure success for your family business.
Succession Planning Has Changed
Succession planning has changed. No longer a secretive ritual, it is now approached as a process rather than an event. We'll show you the keys to effective succession planning.
Family Succession Plan First
The family succession plan must be done and agreed upon before a succession plan can be successfully developed and implemented for the family business.
Green Management Strategies
Green management strategies have direct and indirect benefits for many family businesses
Family Reunion Games Promote Family Values
Family reunion games promote family values, bonding and fun. Learn about the game we found where every family member helps make their family's own board game.
Family Business Retreat Strengthens Communications
The family business retreat is one of the most important strategies used to help strengthen the communication system in a family business. See how this process can help yours.
Leadership Practices Assessment
Leadership practices assessment is a simple and quick way to assess the leadership practices in your organization. This gives insight into organizational problem solving.
Family Business Valuation
Family business valuation is important to family business succession planning. It should be a part of the regular annual strategic planning process not something triggered by a specific event.
Family Business Divorce Strategy
Without a strong family business divorce strategy, the cause and effects of divorce on a family business can be a profound threat to the family and to the business.
Private Investigator - Introduction and case studies
A private investigator provides a family business with a wide range of services. Meet our family business security expert and read about some of the cases he has solved.
True Crime Stories
True crime stories from family businesses are presented as a learning opportunity for other family businesses.
Alternative Business Loans
Alternative business loans offer many creative lending options to family businesses.
Help With Factoring
Getting help with factoring - a smart finance strategy for family businesses
Peer to Peer Lending
Peer to Peer Lending is an alternative financing option for family business owners seeking funds to grow their family business
Small Business Equipment Leasing
Small business equipment leasing is a smart strategy for many family businesses
Family eBusiness - How to make your family business successful online
Family eBusiness may be mission crititcal to the survival of a family business.
Site Build It Information
Site Build It information points ot how you can have much more than a web site - make it a web business!
Packaging Products and Services
Packaging products and services is the crucial junction where products and services are conjoined with marketing and advertising strategies to improve branding and value perception that will increase
LOCAL Business building tool - the Internet
Local business is discovering the Net. Learn why they are doing it - from the client, competitor and profitability perspectives; and how - by studying examples and obstacles.
Project Scheduling Software Recommended
Project scheduling software is the heart of project management. From paper and pencil to sophisticated, we'll show you what to look for, how to use it and some free sources.
Environmental Management Systems under ISO 14000
Environmental Management Systems under ISO 14000 - an alternative to the traditional big stick command and compliance system of dealing with environmental liability.
Risk Management Needed By Every Family Business
Risk management must be for risky businesses... we're a family business and we're not risky. So, we don't need risk management...right? WRONG! Spend a few minutes with us, and we'll show you why.
Risk Management Insurance
Risk management insurance should be considered as part of the risk management plan for every family business
Family Limited Partnerships
With family limited partnerships we have arguably the most powerful tool in the estate planning arsenal.
Captive Insurance Company
A Captive insurance company can be much more than a risk management tool for family businesses.
Business Plan Template - Your Key to Success
A good business plan template is essential. Need one? Have one that isn't working well? Make your family business' plan your template for success.
Outsourcing and digital transformation
Outsourcing is an excellent family business growth strategy.
Business Communication - Many Channels to Navigate
Business communication is always an important function that family businesses need to manage with a clear vision and strategy.
4 Ps of Marketing - The Controllable Elements of Your Marketing Plan
The 4 Ps of marketing classify the controllable elements of your marketing plan. Product, place [distribution] and promotion are all expenses; price brings in revenue.
Customer Experience
Customer Experience (CX) strategies can empower your business and can improve business outcomes
Customer Relationship Management Trend - The 4 Rs
Customer relationship management trend [CRM] focuses on how sellers can use in-depth marketing intelligence to build trust, loyalty and long-term engagement with customers.
Using A Ghost Writer Makes Good Business Sense
Using a ghost writer makes good sense for small to medium-sized family businesses. Learn about several situations where a seasoned ghost writer can present the family's best interests.
Financing A Business
Financing a business. Here's what you need to know and a comparison of advantages and disadvantages of different sources for financing your business.
Financial Management - Tips and Tricks for the Family Business Owner
Financial management - for the family business owner who doesn't have or need a CFO and all the trappings of big companies.
Family Foundations: Creating The Family Legacy For Future Generations
Family foundations are a great tool to harness the energy and creativity of retiring family business owners. But they can be costly and involve a lot of red tape.
Parenting Adult Children
Parenting adult children who are also in the family business leads to role confusion. Learn how to focus on the boundaries between the roles.
small business ideas
A few tips and small business ideas that can help make your business more successful.
Corporate governance now has new accountability standards. ODS-OL is the perfect tool for Directors and executives who need to meet these new standards.
Family Business Articles
Family business articles feature a collection of the thoughts and observations of our experts. There's humor as well as serious material. Enjoy!
Our Recommendations and Favorite Business Tools
We are often asked to make recommendations about business tools. Here are some of our favorites - the business tools we use ourselves.
Organizational Rewards
Organizational rewards are a key leadership practice
United States Immigration
United States immigration policy encourages foreign entrepreneurs and family businesses to immigrate to the United States.
E-Verify Program
E-verify program now mandated for many federal contractors and subcontractors.
Family Business Roundtable
Facilitating a Family Business Roundtable is a practice development service we offer to professional service companies that work with family businesses.
Estate Planning
Estate planning is needed and is more challenging than ever. Learn the concepts, tools and techniques to use
Tactical Tips
Tactical tips for dealing with succession in a family business
Project Management Best Practices
Project management best practices: start with the basics and follow these useful ideas from experienced project mangers.
Self Help - Not the Same as Do-It-Yourself
Self help sources for parenting, self improvement, personal and professional development, relationships, stress, coaching, leadership.
Intra-family loans
Intra-family loans are common practice for family businesses according to leading expert DON SCHWERZLER.
Employee Handbook - Key to Managing Human Resources
Your employee handbook is the very core of managing human resources. Some of the contents will be familiar, but we're sure you'll find some surprises that you hadn't thought of covering.
How To Make A Website
How to make a website is the first question for a new web master.
Wounded Warrior Project
Wounded Warrior Project is an organization that supports men and woman wounded in battle
Words That Sell
Using words that sell should be carefully considered when writing product or service promotional content
Compliance Sarbanes Oxley Affects Family Businesses
Compliance Sarbanes Oxley is affecting family businesses. Learn what publicly traded ones have to do. And learn how non-public ones can benefit.
Succession Management
The single best succession management strategy is to create an advisory board. Learn why,and how in this interview with a succession management expert.
29 Leadership Practices - The Foundation
These 29 leadership practices are the foundation for adaptable organizations. They support the holonomic processes, which enable the desired organizational characteristics.
Family Business SWOT Analysis
Family business SWOT analysis can be a critical exercise in making a family business successful.
Knowing your KPI can make your family business smarter!
Construction Draws
Construction draws have become an area for sharp-operating General contractors to earn extra profit - at the expense of their Subcontractors.
Every Family Business
Every Family Business presents 12 common-sense questions that can help a family business create and preserve the wealth of the family
What is ERP
What is ERP - a question with many different answers!
reshoring manufacturing
Reshoring manufacturing can be a huge opportunity for many family-owned businesses, especially those involved in manufacturing operations
Business Plan Samples to Fuel Your Imagination
Business plan samples can help get your creative juices flowing. Follow our links to some really exciting and helpful sample business plans.
SBI sites
SBI sites are some of the most interesting and successful sites on the Internet
Organization Structures
Organization structures are how winning companies do their work better - enable interaction across departmental lines, have sensible and effective reporting relationships, clear lines of authority.
ERP Agnostic
Using an ERP Agnostic can be a smart strategy for family businesses when considering ERP systems
Edward Griffin Interview
Edward Griffin Interview - We invite family business owners to read this Edward Grffin Interview - author of The Creature from Jekyll Island.
Mayfield Family Story
The Mayfield Family Story - the milk and ice cream giant celebrates 100 years.
Honor Flight
Honor Flight is organized as a volunteer organization to fly WW II veterans to Washington DC to visit the World War II Memorial.
American Hero
American Hero veteran's franchise program makes entrepreneur Ray Margiano a hero too!
Religious Cults
Religious cults - Praying or Preying? Harold Copus interview.
Family Business Experts India
Family Business Experts India provides success strategies and advice to Indian-owned family businesses in the USA, India and across the globe
Family Business Experts South Africa
Family Business Experts South Africa is an on-line resouce for family-owned businesses in South Africa
Family Business Experts Vietnam is a resource for family businesses in Vietnam
Darn Tough Vermont
Darn Tough Vermont is a great success story about keeping a manufacturing business in America.
Family Business Insurance Checklist
An insurance checklist to help with Risk Assessment and to provide guidelines for discussions with your insurance professional.
outdoor room
Designing an outdoor room is one of the services of a landscape architect
healing gardens
healing gardens are a respite for body and soul
Container Gardens
Container gardens are popular, fun and easy to do!
Green Roofs
Green roofs are a wonderful example of living architecture
Concealed Carrie - a family business profile
Concealed Carrie is a great example of innovatative entrepreneurship in a family business.
Friedas Inc
Friedas Inc, a family owned business, is celebrating 50 years of success
Gabions A Green Management Strategy
Gabions are a time tested solutions to controlling storm water
El Jardin de Sanacion
El Jardin de Sanacion Un jardín de curación es un respiro para la mente y el cuerpo
Bavarian Inn
‘Family is Everything’ for Frankenmuth’s Bavarian Inn.
Sample Mission Statements
Sample mission statements to inspire your creativity. Come and see some dynamite examples and link to a great collection.
death tax hurts everyone
The death tax hurts everyone - family businesses and the community where they are located.
Marketing and Advertising Law
Marketing and Advertising Law - six key questions for family business owners to ask
Chief Emotional Officer
Mom's role as Chief Emotional Officer (CEO) of the family in a family business
General Aviation and the Family Business
General Aviation may be all about small air planes but General Aviation is <B>not</B> a small industry.
Community Foundations: Make Family Foundations a Reality
Community foundations provide an umbrella under which to develop your family foundation without the red tape, hassles and cost. 18 questions answered in this interview with a CF executive director.
Manager Magazine Bulgaria - Don Schwerzler interview
Manager Magazine Bulgaria published an interview with family business expert Don Schwerzler
Schwerzler-ANZ-Inperspective article featuring Don Schwerzler, Family Business Expert, published by Australia and New Zealand Bank
Geert Hofstede Analysis
The Geert Hofstede Analysis was developed by Professor Geert Hofstede, an internationally recognized expert in organizational culture and strategy.
Online Disaster Tool Kit
An online disaster tool kit should be part of the contingency plan for every family business.
Asset Protection
Asset protection usually seeks to minimize and delay what creditors and government can obtain in order to maximize what beneficiaries receive.
10 ERP Mistakes
ERP application software mistakes - learn the top 10 ERP mistakes made by companies dealing with ERP.
Environmental Mission Stopper
For many family businesses, at succession time they discover an “environmental mission stopper” that is part of the legacy of the family’s business.
Accounting Information System
An accounting information system is an important family business management tool.
Alcoholism Impacts Family Businesses
Alcoholism impacts family businesses - tell us your story!