Mayfield Family Story

Milk and Ice Cream Giant Celebrates 100 Years

“The Mayfield Family Story”- the milk and ice cream giant celebrates 100 years!

Phil Bellury, our family business expert writer and publisher of family business books and enhanced e-books has released The Mayfield Family Story, the history of the century-old, family-owned dairy products company, Mayfield Dairy Farms.

Phil and his team specialize in researching, writing, designing and publishing histories that celebrate successful family-owned businesses.

“ Nothing communicates substance, heritage and legacy better than a high-quality coffee-table book or e-book - filled with rich detail, anecdotes, photography and art,” suggests family business expert Don Schwerzler “Phil’s book, The Mayfield Family Story, is a prime example of how a custom history book can be a useful asset to a family-owned business celebrating a milestone anniversary.”

Schwerzler has been studying and advising family business entrepreneurs for more than 40 years and he is the founder of the Family Business Institute Family Business Institute headquartered in Atlanta GA.

The Mayfield Family Story is a hardbound coffee-table book with 146 pages of full color images and narrative about the company’s century of business.

“As I think of the accomplishments described herein and the challenges of telling the Mayfield story, I realize that the team assembled to publish this book represents the essence of our company’s history,” wrote Scottie Mayfield, President of Mayfield Dairy Farms in the book’s Introduction. “Phil and his team are talented people dedicated to their craft.”

Mayfield Family Dairy was founded in 1910 when T. B. Mayfield bought 45 Jersey dairy cows so he could deliver fresh milk to homes in his native Athens, Tennessee.

In 1923, Mayfield expanded his business, building an industrial milk plant and purchasing an ice-cream business to utilize the cream from his cows. Later run by T.B.’s sons, Thomas Mayfield III and C. Scott Mayfield Sr., Mayfield Dairy Farms expanded its reach into other states to become a major milk and ice cream brand that thrives to this day. The Mayfield Family Story is available at the dairy company’s two Visitor Centers.

Recent corporate and family history books written and published by Bellury include Georgia Flight: The History of Aviation in Georgia; Revolutions: The First 100 Years of Wheelabrator Group; A Corporate Family History of Brock Candy Company; and, later this year, a history of St. Christopher’s School, a 100-year-old boys’ preparatory school in Virginia.

Phil works closely with family business clients to discover and share family and corporate legacies, creating books and enhanced e-books that cement those legacies for future generations to enjoy.

Services include concept development, research and writing, design, and full production of printed books, enhanced e-books, corporate videos or Web-based histories.

If you would like to talk with Phil Bellury about writing a history book about your family business, use the ASK THE EXPERT form for an immediate response.

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