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Business Ideas
Business Intelligence

“Business ideas and business intelligence are crucial strategies for family business owners who are interested in re-visioning and expanding the scope and mission of their business,” notes leading family business expert Don Schwerzler.

There are many theories about Change Management – many of which were developed to deal with managing change in large international businesses. Others are overly simplistic to create significant and sustainable change. One of the pitfalls is that business owners pick and choose amongst the various change management theories and end up with patchwork of ideas that can be counterproductive.

For many family business owners, implementing change is a “trial and error” process that sometimes creates more problems than what the business owner was hoping to fix. This is the case in those family businesses that are "analytically impaired" - where decisions are made on intuition rather than being fact-based. Family business analytics can be the key to unlocking the true potential of a family business.

Another major problem is what Schwerzler refers to as the “tyranny of routine” - where the business owner is too involved in the day-to-day operations and not spending enough time working on strategies to build a better business. They are spending too much time working “in” the business and not enough time working “on” the business.

For those family business that are growing and motivated to building the needed infrastructure to support that growth, FLEVYPRO may be the best option to satisfy the  ongoing needs for business building materials and toolkits. FlevyPro is a low-cost subscription service for on-demand business frameworks and analysis tools, such as management training guides, presentation templates, Lean Six Sigma templates, project management templates, audio interviews with CEOs, etc.  New materials are added on a continuous basis, driven by subscriber requests.

“Let’s face it, new business ideas for the family’s business are a dime a dozen – it is the implementation of those ideas where things go wrong!” 

Schwerzler is the founder and CEO of the Family Business Institute and the web organization Family Business For more than 40 years Schwerzler has been helping family business owners solve those unique and complex issues that impact family businesses:

 For many family businesses, two of the factors that adversely affect the successful implementation of new business ideas are the scarcity of time and money.  But those factors can be easily overcome if the business owner is not spending time and money trying to “re-invent the wheel” notes Schwerzler.


We think the best online resources for business intelligence (BI) and business ideas: 


A family business owner can save time, money and effort by accessing pre-existing business intelligence including:

Strategy, Marketing, & Sales

Operational Excellence

Change Management

Supply Chain Management

Lean Six Sigma

Business Frameworks

Business Methodologies

Management Models

Financial Models

PowerPoint Templates

Presentation Templates

Business Documents

                                    And much, much more…


The genius behind Flevy is a fascinating young entrepreneur, David Tang. We sat down with David and had a very interesting conversation. Take time to check it out – the business ideas and business intelligence he makes available on Flevy could help improve the future of your family business!




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