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Building Family Business Infrastructure
Building family business infrastructure is a very common “on-going” strategy we see in most successful family business.

Professional Intervention in the Family Owned Business
Professional intervention is usually needed because running a successful family business is substantially more difficult than running a non family business. There are many contributing factors.

Building Consensus in a Family Business
Building consensus about how the business should be operated, now and into the future, is one of the most difficult problems confronting family businesses.

Professionalizing Family Business Management
Professionalizing family business management is the most difficult and emotionally destructive problem confronted in family businesses. Learn how to handle it by evolution rather than revolution.

Succession planning tactics
These succession planning tactics show you the way to a successful transition in your family business. Consider all of them - they're tested and proven to help you.

Succession Planning Obstacles in Family Business
Succession planning for family businesses is like an obstacle course. Sometimes, the best way to look at a problem is to identify the obstacles to solving that problem.

Succession: three ways to ease the transition
The transition of ownership from one generation to the next can cause havoc in the family business and the family. Here are three ideas to help ensure success for your family business.

Pruning the family business tree
Pruning applies to family businesses as well as trees. Prune to ensure that only qualified family members are employed. And learn what non-employee family members can contribute.

Responsibility diffusion - the most critical impediment to successfully growing any kind of business
Family business expert Don Schwerzler identifies the family dynamics and symptoms that cause this problem.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Divorce in the Family Business
Breaking up - divorce - has financial ramifications in every family business, and emotional ones in every business family.

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