Green Management Strategies


Green management strategies are those business strategies that include awareness about environmental issues, perfecting business policies & practices - and then initiating innovative programs that create significance.

“Many family business owners struggle with change management ideas like green management strategies - thinking “green” is something that only the very large companies can afford to consider,” says leading family business expert Don Schwerzler.

“There are so many direct and indirect benefits that are part of green management strategies and I find that most successful family businesses include sound environmental practices as part of the company’s operating protocol.”

Schwerzler has been studying and advising family business entrepreneurs for more than 40 years and he is the founder of the Family Business Institute and the web organization Family Business Experts, both of which are headquartered in Atlanta GA.

Direct Benefits of Green Management Strategies

Cost reductions that result by reducing or eliminating waste

  • Creating a company-wide green team to analyze operations through a "green lens" almost always produces immediate cost saving ideas
  • Better waste management policies and practices is another area that can produce immediate cost savings

    Reducing energy consumption – get free help from your utility provider by asking for an energy audit of those areas where a company spends the most money

  • Lighting
  • Powering equipment
  • Heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Transportation
  • Water usage
  • Rainwater harvesting - is another cost-saving opportunity that can produce easy cost reductions in most operations

  • Rain water harvesting can be used to create potable water
  • Rain water harvesting can be used for cleaning and power washing
  • Rain water harvesting can be used for gray water applications like toilet flushing and laundry operations
  • Rain water harvesting can be used for irrigation
  • To learn more click on RAINWATER HARVESTING

    If you have an interest in rainwater harvesting for your home, business or institution, we recommend one of the US leaders in rainwater harvesting ECOVIE


    We recommend to our family business clients that they consider doing an annual "waste management audit" of their business. A Waste Management Plan can result in reducing the costs associated with handling and transporting waste by as much as 50%.



    Sustainability is a hot topic in landscape architecture according to Olivia Munoz Mickalonis who is a landscape architect, a LEED Green Associate certified by the U.S. Green Building Council, a service connected disabled veteran and president of Green Management Strategies LLC.

    "As stewards of the land, landscape architects are responsible for developing properties with conscientious thought to the preservation and conservation of natural resources. Another primary concern is the health, safety, and welfare of all people utilizing the designed site," observes Mickalonis.

    Creating awareness about conserving our resources is an important and critical contribution made by green strategists. Increasingly, schools are teaching sustainability curriculums; businesses are embracing green strategies; and faith-based organizations are all helping to make a difference.

    In order to create a sustainable landscape, a range of green strategies must be considered and incorporated in the initial master plan of the project.

    Green strategies that are revolutionizing contemporary land development and landscape construction include:

  • Land Conservation and Preservation
  • Healing Gardens

  • Outdoor Room

  • Organic Mulch

  • Container Gardens

  • brownfield phytoremediation (using plants to eliminate toxic chemicals)
  • treated wastewater water parks
  • Recyclables in the Landscape
  • tires - for mulch, stream bank & slope stabilization

    glass - for walkways, outdoor fire pits

    plastics - for playground underlayment, alternative lumber

  • Stormwater Management
  • pervious pavements

  • Pavers

    pervious concrete

    pervious asphalt

    stabilized soils with tackifier

    structural soils with rock gradations

    engineered PVC-cells as underlayment

  • low impact development (LID) technologies
  • rain gardens & bio-retention cells for retention & slow infiltration

    detention ponds

    curb cuts

    no curbs & gutters

    vegetated swales

    narrow streets

    tree box filters

    dry wells

    rainwater harvesting

    Green Roofs

    Erosion Control

  • slopes
  • Gabions

    plantable retaining wall blocks; segmented blocks

    recycled tires & plant materials

    geo-grids; geo-textiles

    flexible heavy- grade plastic cells

    stream banks & shoreline stabilization

    Xeriscaping (creating a landscape that uses little or no water) use of native plants

    turf grass elimination

    grouping plants with similar water requirements drip irrigation

  • Energy Production
  • plants as a source of fuel (biomass)

    ‘Freedom’ giant miscanthus grass


    corn plants

    wind turbines

    solar panels

    Indirect Benefits of Green Management Strategies

  • Encouraging team-building programs that can improve company performance
  • Incorporates “sustainability” to change corporate norms
  • Rethinking long-held practices that can open doors to new profit and revenue opportunities
  • Marketing the company’s green management strategies can boost brand recognition and gain a competitive advantage in the market place
  • Family Business Experts has a landscape architect available for consultation on sustainable solutions which can be implemented prior to any land disturbance or building.

    Olivia Munoz Mickalonis is the CEO of Green Management Strategies, a "green think-tank" headquartered in Atlanta GA. If you have any questions about how your family business can develop and implement a green strategy, simply use our ASK THE EXPERT form at the bottom of this page to contact Olivia.


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