eCommerce Secret To Success?
Proven Strategies & Technology

"Here's the bottom line on eCommerce...”

If you have a great product, and a site that SELLS, and can bring targeted traffic to your site cost-effectively, you will succeed. There are NO other variables.

The best place to start if you want to be successful at eCommerce is to read the bible for online businesses written by web business expert Ken Evoy MAKE YOUR SITE SELL!

A note from Ken Evoy, MD – to Web-Entrepreneurs!

Thank you for downloading the now-free MAKE YOUR SITE SELL (MYSS)

Praised universally, it has sold well over 100,000 copies, all through the site.

Way back in 1999, when MYSS! was first launched, this "Read Me First" file said, "never has it been so cheap AND possible to build a business."

It continued by saying, "Search Engines are STILL great bargains. You'll never get a better chance to attract free, targeted traffic."

That remains true today. This file also implored the reader to "do more than read. USE the information. If you APPLY the lessons well, you WILL succeed." And THAT was the beginning of Site Build It!.

Because most people, most webmasters even, cannot actually overcome all the technical aspects of building a successful “online BUSINESS”. Sure, it is cheap-quick-easy to put up a site. Anyone can do THAT today. But what then?

Instant gratification is followed by slow, expensive failure, due to an inability to drive traffic. In other words... no BUSINESS.

THAT is why MYSS! 2002 was never updated.

Instead, it evolved year after year into Site Build It! (SBI!)...

But the "Big 3" (described in MYSS!) evolved into a fuller, more powerful process that became known as "Content - Traffic - PREsell - Monetize"...

SBI! not only evolved the THEORY of succeeding online, it included all the tools [Main>Tools] needed for ANYONE to be able to EXECUTE the CTPM process...

SBI! uses technology to make all the barriers disappear and empower webmasters and small business people to build WEB BUSINESSES.

Ken Evoy, MD Founder of SBI!

MYSS! is divided into 7 volumes

o The Main Volume -- focuses on site-selling. Everyone worries about traffic. But if your site doesn't SELL, you waste all that nice traffic. Learn how to increase your sales site's Conversion Rate.

o Product Volume -- everything you need to know about developing, evaluating, positioning, pricing, and testing products for the Web. Use its info to verify that your e-commerce venture is built on solid ground.

O Store Volume -- covers the process of selling multiple products online, from ten to a thousand or more SKUs (Stock Keeping Units). Learn how to design your online store effectively and to maximize usability.

O Traffic Volume -- follows the "what works and what doesn't" approach to building targeted traffic (especially in the ever-evolving Search Engine world). It covers all the online and offline ways to build a steady stream of motivated buyers to your site.

o Glossary -- don't know what a word means? Click to the Glossary.

o Table of Contents (TOC) -- a terrific navigational aid. Scan the various chapters and sub-chapters. See something important? Just click on the title.

o Index -- while useful for paper-bound books, a *digital* Index is invaluable for getting the info you need... FAST!

The Index and the TOC make MYSS! 2002 THE unbeatable online Web-sales REFERENCE book. No answer is ever more than a click or two away at ANY time you need some help.

If you want to learn how other people like yourself became experts at eCommerce Site Build It -- Case Studies!

MAJOR LESSON: Understanding the concept of “PRE-Selling” versus “Selling” is crucial to the creation of a successful online business!

In virtually every case we analyze of a business that has gone on-line without success - that distinction is not understood.

Web site developers mix up the two concepts - and lose sales: or get distracted with all the latest flashy techniques and gimmicks and forget to do their PRESElling and selling properly – and their eCommerce endeavor is DOA!

If you are not pleased with the e-Commerce results of your web site (traffic and sales), MYSS could help you better understand why your web business is not working! In fact, if you are unhappy with the lack of success of your on-line business, YOU could get the most out of this classic material!

If you prefer to learn more about how you can create a successful eCommerce site using the Solo Build It strategies and technology Video Demo Guide To Online Success!

Top 6 e-Commerce Rules in 17 Words!

Feel customer's needs

Make navigation clear

Load fast

K-I-S-S (Keep It Simple Stupid)

Write actively and clearly.

Ask for "the order".

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