General Aviation

... about small planes, but it's not a small industry

general aviation General Aviation may be all about small air planes but it's not a small industry.

Private aviation is a business category that encompasses that part of the air transportation system outside of the airlines and the military.

It is an important part of the US economy that supports 1.3 million jobs and contributes over $102 billion in economic activity.

The industry is densely populated with family-owned businesses, across the broad spectrum of products and services - from owning airplanes used for business and recreational flying to Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) that service the airplanes at the 20,000 airports across the United States.

Because the aviation industry is such an important part of our national economy, we decided to highlight some of the many facets of the Private Aviation industry.

AOPA is the advocate for general aviation and its critical role in the national economy and our daily lives.

Experimental Aircraft Association - Chaired by Harrison Ford
The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) was founded in 1953, supports recreational or sport aviation, sponsors the world's largest airshow, sponsors youth aviation. A superlative organization.

Air Shows
Air shows are one of the most popular community events in America. Learn why they are so popular and what an extensive target audience they repesent for marketing.

Tiger Flight Foundation
Tiger Flight Foundation, Rome GA, is a great example of the many volunteer organizations in the field of Private Aviation that focus on aviation awareness for kids.

Civil Air Patrol
The Civil Air Patrol auxiliary of the USAF - from inland search and rescue, aerial reconnaissance, disaster relief to a cadet program and leadership training.

Honor Flight
The Honor Flight Network is an organization that brings WWII veterans to Washington DC to visit the National World War II Memorial.

Fixed Base Operators
The fixed base operator is the backbone of general aviation. Many are family-owned businesses - dealing with business, family and aviation industry issues and problems.

TOP GUN Aircraft Aluminum Cleaner
TOP FUN is a specially formulated aluminum cleaner for aircraft.

Aviation Law
Aviation law is particularly complex and specialized. Meet our expert - Alan Armstrong, a pre-eminent trial lawyer and avid pilot.

Aerospace Industry Associations
The aerospace industry is served by numerous associations... Here's a listing and links to some of them.

National Business Aviation Association
The NBAA is organized to address issues that affect the business aviation industry.

Aviation History
Interesting first-hand observations from an aviation pioneer.

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