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Don Schwerzler
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Family business advisor Don Schwerzler has been studying and advising family business entrepreneurs since 1967 - more than 50 years!

"My work as a family business advisor has enabled me to be closely involved with many hundreds of family businesses, large and small, and across all industry lines," says Schwerzler.

"Over the years, the most important lesson I have learned is that every family business is unique and complex, in its own way," notes Schwerzler. "Boiler plate consulting approaches simply do not work for family-owned businesses."

In the early 80's Don Schwerzler founded the Atlanta-based Family Business Institute, the very first multi-disciplined resource for family-owned businesses.

The thinking behind the creation of the Atlanta-based Family Business Institute, was to innovate a service delivery program for family businesses - one that produces coordinated and synchronized solutions to family business issues.

As a family business executive coach and advisor, Schwerzler found that far too many family businesses suffer what he refers to as "sequential solutions" when getting advice from the professional service providers that serve the family's business.

For instance, when a family business is operating in a crisis mode - problems in the business or problems in the family - the CPA may offer one approach based on their accounting expertise, the lawyer suggests a another approach based on their legal experience, the business consultant another approach based on their business operations expertise and the financial planner yet another approach based on their expertise in financial planning.

What the family business winds up with is "analysis paralysis"!

As a family business advisor and family business executive coach, I could see that what was missing was a methodology for "quarterbacking" the strategic resources represented by the professional service providers", says Schwerzler.

The Atlanta-based Family Business Institute developed a "triage" process for identifying the issues and then for prioritizing the remedial solutions.

To better serve the community of family businesses, Family Business was developed to be an on-line resource for family businesses.

Today, Family Business is the highest ranked, full-service family business resource on the Internet.

The web site offers tips and success strategies for families in business together.

If you are seeking advice about your family business from someone outside of your family and someone not connected to your family's business, we can help. Simply use our ASK THE EXPERT feature at the bottom of this page - a free service provided by the Family Business Help Desk.

According to Schwerzler, "Succession is not a spectator sport"!

Whether you are the family business owner responding to our no-cost Family Business Succession Survey , the feedback can help you beat the odds when it comes to succession.

Or a "NEXTER" seeking a "sure-fire" strategy for driving the transition of the business from one generation to the next - we provide family business help!


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