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Southern Business Research (SBR) is all about making your business better!

Our multi-disciplinary team of "strategy masters" has been helping our business clients improve profitability since 1970. Based in Atlanta, we have served clients in 39 states in the USA as well as clients in Canada, Japan and Latin America.

Our innovative approach to business building is simple and effective. Because the Southern Business Research team of experts are objective, third-party observers of a business, we can easily identify and remediate those policies and practices that keep a business from reaching its true potential.

"Simply put, businesses failing to reach their true potential success is a result of a combination of disconnected, defective or dysfunctional strategies and ineffective management execution," according to strategy master Don Schwerzler.

To quote POGO, the famous cartoon character, “We have found the enemy and he are us!”

A common failure in many organizations is to recognize how quick and easy it is to change “things”, and how difficult it is to change "people".

For a business to be successful, both must be accomplished.

Therein lies the secret to our success: Southern Business Research approaches change management from a "bottom up" perspective.

SBR has no difficulty accepting your assessment of problems and shortcomings or the malaise when things are not going well. You know your business better than anyone else. So, our initial discussion is only to draw out the details of the problems, what you have tried and what you have identified as being mission critical, so that we can get directly to work on why those problems are occurring.

While every business is unique and complex in its own way, there are several problem areas we find in nearly every business that comes to us seeking our help.

Activity identification

Your staff and middle managers will share with us things that they might be reluctant to share with you...ideas about how things could be done better, insights about why things are not working well, observations about people that are causing problems or who need training or sometimes even replacing. It's not that they don't trust or respect you... but you are the boss - and that scares a lot of people!


Southern Business Research productivity engineering is not just a case of getting more done with fewer people, or of replacing people with machinery and information systems. It is really about efficiency and effectiveness:

Efficiency is doing things right


Effectiveness is doing the right things

But as one management guru observed, there is nothing as wasteful as doing something efficiently that doesn’t need to be done at all!

So we get down into "the trenches" of your operation to really dig into the work process. We not only look for what is necessary to accomplish your mission, but for all the things that are not, including

  • unnecessary work

  • duplicate record keeping

  • redundant forms and procedures

  • incorrect time frames for getting things done

  • incorrect priorities

  • underutilization of facilities, equipment and people

  • Work Measurement

    All necessary work can be reduced to a common denominator. This exercise is similar to changing uneven pieces of a puzzle into common sized pieces of mosaic tile. This process is essential for determining the correct number of people and equipment necessary to get the basic work functions satisfied. It also provides the essential information to properly set reasonable goals and objectives for individuals as well as departments. Remember Work not measured cannot be managed!

    Management Reporting Systems

    The design and implementation of reporting mechanisms are necessary to assure a level flow of work and to highlight operating problems as they occur, so that they will be handled on the basis of exception. The net result is to be able to plan and execute the basic functions and to report on how well the organization has worked against the plan. This builds a total corporate consensus and more importantly, a company-wide commitment to excellence. An easy way to develop a management reporting system is to implement an ERP system.
    People Make The Difference

    If your management team and associates are better organized and connected - when their energy is harnessed correctly and they are given realistic goals and expectations, people will give a job and a company “all that they've got” This translates into:

  • increased productivity

  • fewer personnel problems

  • solid improvement on the bottom line


    For more than 40 years, Southern Business Research has studied and advised hundreds and hundreds of different businesses, large and small.

    One of the major shifts in strategy we have seen in the past 15 years is how differently businesses are connected. In the past, the functional relationships between a business and their vendors and customers were clear and distinct.

    Today’s technology causes the pace of a business to be constantly increasing and that has caused a strategic re-alignment between a business, their vendors and customers.

    Today, successful businesses have merged into varying degrees of strategic relationships and joint ventures – what we define as symbiotic relationships or supply chain optimization.


    Years ago people would ask about the relevancy of “Research” in our company name (Southern Business Research). In the early years, extracting operational data from company records was a time consuming task that often was simply not done by our client companies.

    But we found that when we took time to “research” key analytics of the business, the results were astounding. We were able to accomplish significant results in terms of growth and profitability. In most instances we were able to get a 30% reduction in labor and operational costs – and significant productivity increases in all aspects of the client’s business. Today, technology makes strategy analytics an easy task. In fact, most large companies use predictive analytics to make many of the key strategic decisions of the enterprise.


    Analytics definition – in the broadest terms, is about the identification, analysis and communication of important patterns in data. Sometimes it is simply referred to as trend analysis.

    Technology now makes sophisticated analytics possible for every business, regardless to type or size of the business – all can benefit from strategic analytics.

    For instance, marketing has become a data-driven process. Understanding customer segmentation and demographic studies and other techniques enable the marketer the insights necessary to create and implement business building strategies.

    Another application of strategy analytics helps to identify and define the internal workings of web sites. The best known is Google Analytics and the information and insights it provides is critical to the success of a web site.

    For sports fans, in baseball and football, strategy analytics are referred to as "tendencies" and can help make the difference between winning and losing a ball game.

    For operations management, strategy analytics enables a business to determine proper staffing levels, optimizing equipment purchases, machine and tool utilization, security – all work functions can be measured against key performance indicators (KPI). A fundamental understanding of business operations shaped the advice offered by pioneering business consultant Don Schwerzler – “Work not measured cannot be managed’!

    Southern Business Research Analytics (SBRA)

    Southern Business Research Analytics (SBRA) is a wholly owned subsidy that specializes in developing strategic relationships based on data. Simply stated, SBRA facilitates relationships that inspire rapid increases in growth and profitability by “data mining” information and using that information as a basis for creating profitable partnerships with other businesses.




    Industry Research

    Competitive Analysis

    Consumer Research

    Product Research

    Market Research

    Ad-hoc or On-demand Research

    Report Writing

    Company Profiling

    Macro-economic Research

    Business Plan Research


    Data Mining

    Building Database

    Data Scraping


    Building Target List

    i. Companies

    ii. Profiles

    iii. Contact Details

    iv. Other Company Details

    Maintaining CRM

    i. Uploading Leads

    ii. Running Campaigns

    iii. Updating/cleaning CRM

    Linkedin Leads

    Social Media Management


    Financial Statement analysis

    Ratio Analysis

    Currency Research

    Cash Flow



    Excel Modeling

    Presentation Designing

    Online Administrative Tasks

    Conducting Surveys

    Mass Emailing


    Organization Charts

    Compensation Benchmarking

    Designing Workshops

    Setting KRAs



    or use the Southern Business Research contact form

    Outsourcing is another component of many successful businesses. Often it makes more sense to pay for a service than it is for a business to try and do the work inhouse.

    Competitive relationships have also changed – where the cost for competing for business is being analyzed differently. Projects are being sub-contracted to decrease costs and to provide a faster delivery of products and services.

    The business building experts at Southern Business Research and Southern Business Research Analytics can help reduce business costs by helping to define, create and facilitate new strategic business relationships and joint ventures.

    So the question we pose to business executives:

    Does Your Business Need A Tune-Up?

    Are you concerned about productivity?

    Customer complaints increasing?

    Quality of product or service dropping?

    Shipping deadlines being missed?

    Profit margins shrinking?

    Sales volume decreasing?

    Does this ring familiar? You held management meetings and retreats to come up with ideas and plans to turn things around...

    You installed an elaborate information system. You threatened, you cajoled, you increased bonuses, you authorized overtime so your people could get the job done well and still meet customer deadlines...

    But, you haven't had more than marginal success, certainly not the spectacular turnaround you expected from all the effort and cost. You need some fresh ideas and insights, someone who can check into things and come up with practical and effective strategies and solutions...

    If you need quick and cost-effective solutions - It's time to contact master strategist Don Schwerzler at Southern Business Research!

    Southern Business Research

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    A brief confidential conversation will enable you to get a good sense of whether or not Southern Business Research can help you improve the growth and profitability of your business! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!



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