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Our Mission is three-fold – to help family businesses grow; to help family businesses maintain healthy family relationships; and then, when the time is right, to help family businesses transition the leadership and ownership from one generation to the next - or to help prepare the business for sale, if that is the best exit strategy for the owner of the family business.

Don Schwerzler is an internationally recognized expert in dealing with the complex dynamics of family-owned businesses. He is the founder of the Family Business Institute and the web organization Family Business Experts, both of which are headquartered in Atlanta GA. Schwerzler began studying and advising family business entrepreneurs in 1967 – a career span of more than 50 years.

Family Business Institute is headquartered in Atlanta GA and was organized in the early 80’s – America’s very first multi-disciplined, full service advisory resource exclusively serving family-owned businesses.

Why is “multi-disciplined” important to our family business clients?

Simply stated – family dynamics and the many family issues that influence the decision making process in the family’s business. Family issues – business issues – ownership issues - all contribute to the multitude of unique and complex problems that confront family businesses, especially as they prepare to transition the business from one generation to the next. Transferring wealth and wisdom to the next generation is a difficult process. Not done well, the consequences can wreck the business and destroy family relationships.

Research on “succession statistics” shows that only about 30% of family businesses successfully transition from the first generation to the second; about 12% of family businesses successfully transition from the second generation to the third generation; and only about 3% of family businesses successfully transition to the fourth generation.

Family Business Experts is the web organization for the Family Business Institute and is the highest-ranked full-service family business resource site on the internet. Each month re register more than 100,000 page views and each month we host visitors from more than 100 different countries. This content-rich site has been twice recognized by the Journal of Accountancy (published by the American Institute of CPAs) as one of the top 10 web sites on the Internet - dealing with succession.

We welcome media writers and provide a fast response time - offering insights into the unique and complex issues that confront families in business together.

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