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family-business-profiles Our new Family Business Profiles section is inspired partly because one can rarely pick up a newspaper or business magazine without reading another “gloom and doom” article about family-owned businesses. The media loves to publish stories about family businesses that are self-destructing and family relationships that have run amok. The juicier the better, it seems.

After we read these stories, we wonder how families can get themselves into such difficult and sometimes irreversible circumstances. Then we take a deep breath and try to convince ourselves that nothing like that will ever happen to our family business. But it’s too late. The seed has been planted, and we are discouraged by the stories of failure.

On the other hand, success stories are likely to generate a much more positive response. Stories about families that have weathered storms and prospered can give us inspiration, encouragement and insight into our own situations. Family business entrepreneurs have always been quick to seize a new idea or concept and adapt it for their own family business.

With that in mind, we have decided to add a new feature to our web site, our e-zine Understanding Family Business and the Family Business Blog. Here are the stories of real family businesses whose experiences will provide readers with insights and examples of some of the family business strategies that worked for them.

For this series to be all it can be, we would like your help!

Simply have your marketing department submit a profile of your family's business.

If your family business has been recognized by a story in your local newspaper or trade magazine - ask the writer if they will re-purpose the story for posting on our site.

If your family business uses a marketing or public relations firm, ask them to contact us so we can help direct the writing the Profile for your family business.

Some topical questions to write about include:

What went into making your family business successful?

How do the values of the family influence the decision making in the business?

If your business is a generational family business, how do the siblings and cousins govern the business?

If the business being run by a non-family professional – how did the process work for recruiting a key executive talent and then transitioning that person into C-level position?

How is your family business connected to the community?

How has your family business changed over the years – and what drove those changes?

What makes your family business unique?

What steps have you taken to “professionalize” the management style of your business?

How are the Nexters being groomed to take over the leadership and ownership roles of the business?

If your business is celebrating a milestone anniversary – include a Family Business Profile as part of the celebration!

As you can see, the storyline for the Family Business Profile is unlimited! If you have questions, we are happy to help with your Family Business Profile – just contact us!

NO FEE to post your Family Business Profile on our site!

Once a first draft of the profile is submitted, our editiors will review the Profile to ensure that our guidelines for publication of have been observed.

It’s that easy for you to be part of our Family Business Profiles section on our web site our e-zine and our Family Business Blog. Your Family Business Profile may be an inspiration to other family businesses, and the free publicity could also be helpful in supporting the branding of your your family business.

If you are a professional service provider, consider asking your family business clients to participate - a smart way to add value to your relationship and to recognize the success of your client!


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Southwire Company
Southwire Company is North America’s leading manufacturer of wire and cable used in the distribution and transmission of electricity.

Raley's Legacy of Family Ownership
Raley's is a third generation family business with 126 stores in Northern California and Nevada providing employment to more than 12,000 team members.

Fashion House South Africa
Fashion House is a fourth generation textile distribution company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Using a global network of suppliers they serve customers in: Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho and all of South Africa.

Worcester Wreath Company
Worcester Wreath Company shows us the value of seeing opportunity in crisis and the advantage of acting on a good idea when it comes along.

Oreck Corporation
Oreck Corporation's headquarters and Mississippi plant were devastated by the 2005 hurricane Katrina. But family spirit was the catalyst that let them resume full operations in a phenomenal ten days. Read their fascinating story.

Rumpke Consolidated Companies, Inc.
Rumpke Consolidated Companies, Inc. - over 2000 employees, 75 family members active - has mastered turning negative perceptions into positive opportunities. Learn how a high degree of integrity is key to their success.

Balson Family Butcher Business
Balson's has been serving customers for 25 generations over nearly 500 years!

SAB Brockskes
SAB Brockskes is a German family business known all over the world for its cables, cable harnessing, temperature measurement and control techniques.

B.R.Cohn Winery
B.R. Cohn Winery – Wine, Food & Music in Harmony

Kangaroo Leather
Packer Leather - A 5th generation leather producer in Brisbane, Australia.

Cell Phones for Soldiers
This "family business" is a charitable organization that provides cost-free communication services for active duty military men and women.

Bavarian Inn
One of America’s Oldest Restaurants Succeeds by a Family Creed.

Friedas Inc.
Frieda's Inc. is celebrating 50 years of success - changing the way America eats fruits and vegetables.

Concealed Carrie
Concealed Carrie is a great example of how an innovative and entrepreneurial business family can build new businesses - and create new jobs for their community.

Belleville Wire Cloth
Belleville Wire Cloth has been growing and adapting new ideas & new technology for nearly 90 years.

NUTS.COM is an interesting story about how a third generation family business transitioned from being a traditional brick and motar business to become a major on-line retailer.

Ewing Irrigation
Ewing Irrigation is a third generation family business and the nation’s most efficient supplier of landscape and irrigation, golf and industrial products.

Darn Tough Vermont
The Cabot Hosiery mill is a third generation family business that produces performace socks that include the brand Darn Tough Vermont.

Back Porch Restaurant
Achieving the American Dream is what drives this second generation family business. Read how the values of the family drive the decision making process of their family businesses.

B and B Pecan Company
Hard work and dedication keep this 3rd generation family business growing.

Winston Packaging
This fourth generation family business is celebrating 100 years! Read how this family business embraced change and innovation.

The ABANS Group
The ABANS Group of Sri Lanka uses quick reflexes and a sense of commitment to capitalize on opportunity out of crisis. Now they are strengthening by becoming more customer and strategy driven.

Hobart Cabinet Company
Marty Hobart, President of Hobart Cabinet Company, is still inspired by the genius and entrepreneurial spirit of his great-grandfather, but he is just as proud of the difference Hobart family members and companies have made in their respective communities.

PlastiComm Industries
PlastiComm Industries' family and business philosophy is all about quality and putting customers first. Learn about the sons' outside experience and its benefits for succession, family and clients.

Caribbean Shipping Services
Caribbean Shipping Services became an Inc. Magazine fastest-growing inner city business by discovering and servicing a niche. Learn how keeping an eye on the future is a secret to their success.

Cooper Music
Cooper Music's fourth generation owners are about to celebrate 100 years in business. Learn how they balance maintaining a legacy while embracing change.

Ornelas Enterprises
Ornelas Enterprises has grown into a profitable, fast-growing, family owned contract electronic manufacturing company.

Alexandra Scott
Alexandra Scott was one incredible little girl. We profile her because she showed so much of what families and family business are all about.

Wegner Auto Company
Wegner Auto Company relies on leadership and innovation to adapt, survive and prosper - and they've been doing it for 98 years.

Security Signs
Security Signs' Keljos of Portland OR have solid family and working relationships and share a strong work ethic.

Baxa Corporation
Baxa Corporation's Brian Baldwin and his sons are a family business success story. Their individual expertise and the roles they play in the company are a perfect fit and create the ideal family business synergy.


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