The Practitioners Guide For Organizing An Organization

PGOO is the answer if your question is "How can I better organize my organization"!

Professor Ken Mackenzie is one of the worlds leading experts on leadership and organization. According to Mackenzie,"in today's economy, a successful organization is defined as an organization that react to change, rapidly

Clearly, improving performance is an organizational problem-solving process.

Organizations are complex social systems, and some problems will be obvious and others will remain unsolved because they are easily concealed in a culture that is not well organized.

Eventually, those hidden problems will surface - and too many times in an explosive manner and at the most inopportune time Consider Enron, Arthur Andersen, K-Mart et al If you are a CEO, COO, family business owner, HR professional, or senior management in your company, you are the practitioner in your organization.

If you want your organization to be well-organized, it's up to you to lead the charge. Need help? That's what PGOO is all about.

The Practitioner's Guide For Organizing An Organization

  • Shows you how to identify the most pressing problems to solve
  • Explains how to produce a better-organized organization
  • Takes into account both processes and people
  • Is a powerful new model that is highly effective and easy to use

PGOO may be the best investment you will ever make toward organizing your organization

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PGOO Explains a Major Breakthrough in Organizational Theory

PGOO was first published by Professor Ken Mackenzie, one of the world's leading experts in Organizational Theory. For more than 35 years, Dr. Mackenzie held an endowed chair at the University of Kansas School of Business. He gained worldwide attention for developing the Organizational Hologram, an organizational model considered to be the biggest breakthrough in the field of leadership and organizational theory.

PGOO built on Dr. Mackenzie's theory on leadership and organization to give senior management leaders the latest, most effective organizational resource to date.

A Better Organized Company is a More Competitive Company

PGOO explains in simple terms how you can become a better-organized organization. The benefits are many:

  • Improve your competitive advantage
  • Reduce turnover
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Adapt to change more quickly
  • Achieve enhanced and more effective leadership
  • Improve morale
  • Realize the true potential of the organization
  • Create higher value for stockholders and stakeholders
Learn What's Really Going On In Your Company

PGOO introduces a remarkable electronic assessment tool known as ODS-OL (Organizational Diagnostic Survey-OnLine)used to make an assessment of the leadership practices of an organization. ODS-OL is systematic and data-based, a highly effective and easy-to-use electronic assessment tool. Through surveys using this tool, you will:

  • Learn what's really going on in your company
  • Identify management's opportunities for improvement
  • Discover what messages are getting lost down the line
  • Be better able to evaluate effectiveness of management initiatives
  • Provide "voice" opportunities for your employees
  • Augment the limitations of your financial reporting systems.
Why Survey Employees?

Where else can you get reliable feedback about your organization? You and your employees make up the organization! Only you and they really know how it operates, what drives it, and what it's real potential is.

Ask your employees, "What advice can you give me to improve this company," and you will receive every idea in the book.

Lets face it, employees sense what is right and wrong with your company but they may be incapable of expressing their intuition clearly and concisely. Each employee has a limited view of the organization and must interpret what he or she sees exclusively by his or her personal experience.

But you need the observations of all employees to have any reasonable hope of identifying the consensus themes that permeate your organization

It is best to do this with a systematic and comprehensive opinion gathering process that ensures the confidentiality of their opinions. The main reason for conducting a survey of the opinions of the employees is that it's good business. After all, your organization's success is driven by the talents, commitment, and creativity of its employees

The Practitioner's Guide For Organizing An Organization

A Powerful New Model That Takes Into Account Both Processes and People

Order The Practitioner's Guide Today and reap the rewards of having a well-organized organization

The Practitioner's Guide For Organizing An Organization

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