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IMPORTANT! Site Build It information can be the key to unlock the potential for your family business to make money online. Why create a web site when it is just as easy to build your family’s e-business!


What Is Site Build It?

How can SBI Help Grow Your Family Business?

Does your family business have a Web site?

If so, does it bring in business for you? If not, we hope you read on to see how a Web site can build your business in ways never before possible.

Over 50% of small business owners don't have a Web site. But that is quickly changing. Every small business needs a Web site these days and it's within your reach in a variety of ways and affordability levels.

There are all kinds of Web site building tools, software and systems out there making it a challenge to know what your family business needs when it comes to a Web site. We know it can be confusing so we hope you'll benefit from what we've learned through the years.



We've used Site Build It! to build our Family Business Experts site since 2001. Site Build It! or SBI! as we affectionately call it, is a complete "Do It Yourself" Web site building and marketing system. SBI! is also offered to those who want to be taught how to build their business online and to those who want a site but would prefer to have someone build it for them. We'll tell you about all three options in a moment., the company who created the highly successful Site Build It! system has been online since 1997. That's a long track record for an entirely internet-based company considering how new the Net is. SiteSell has delivered e-business success to over 100,000 entrepreneurs and small businesses who outperform large competitors. A pretty remarkable record we think!

SBI! is easy to understand and follow - but - just like building your family business offline, it takes time to build your site to the point where it is bringing in new customers. In other words, it's not going to happen overnight. As you work at it, however, the benefits to your business will be far reaching. They have been for us and they can be for you too.

It's tough to describe a product that includes 50+ modules, marketing information and forums. But here's the best way we can think of describing it...

SBI! is the only, all-in-one, site-brainstorming-and-building-and-hosting-and-marketing, step-by-step system of software tools that delivers thriving, profitable business.


The Famous C-T-P-M PROCESS!

The key difference between SBI! and other options is the highly successful C-T-P-M Process. C-T-P-M stands for...

Content Traffic Presell Monetize

The C-T-P-M process is by far the most logical one we found when doing our due diligence on how to build our site.

Essentially you build Content (write high value pages about your business, products, services, etc.) and the content builds Traffic (visitors to your site). Because you are providing high value information, your site's visitors start to appreciate what they learn on your site and begin to trust you. Once trust has been established they will be open to your recommendations which is what Preselling is (not selling, simply recommending based on knowledge and experience). If your visitors click through to products and services you recommend on your site and purchase something or click to contact you, that's what is called Monetization.

C-T-P-M... Common Sense That WORKS!

Using this process along with all the tools integrated in the system removes all the barriers and mysteries for you. And that makes online success achievable.


SBI! - For Every Family Business Style!

As we said earlier there are three ways to build an SBI! site. Let's go over them now...

SITE BUILD IT! - build your family business Web site yourself using SBI!. On the one hand it's the most affordable approach in terms of basic cost. Yet, you also have to factor in your time so DIY style is not right for everyone.

SBI offers E-LEARNING - take a 12 week SBI! instructor-led online course and be taught every step of the way how to build and expand your business online.

SiteSell Services - the majority of family business owners we talk to don't really have time to build their own sites or take a course for 12 weeks to learn how. SiteSell Services builds an SBI! site for you while you stay as involved in the process as you have time for.


Take The Video Tour!

The SBI! Video Tour provides a comprehensive overview of how it all works to help you grow your family business. In the video you'll quickly see how SBI! empowers you to grow and expand your offline business by using the power of the Internet. Even small business owners who almost gave up on the Web as an online business tool have come to love the power of SBI!.

We Invite You to Take the SBI! VIDEO TOUR and see what you think!


SBI Changes Lives!

SBI! Owners Explain in Their Own Videos How It Changed Their Lives... There's a reason why so many people love SBI!

SBI! empowers you to follow your passions and dreams.

It helps small business owners and budding entrepreneurs to build and grow profitable and successful businesses.

With the help of SBI!, everyday people quit their day jobs

SBI! owners can work from home and still earn income.

SBI! Gives retirees the opportunity to retire early and live their lives how they desire.

Even people who almost gave up on the Web as an online business tool have come to love the power of SBI!.

SBI! is easy-to-use software that connects emotionally. Profoundly! And that kind of connection occurs for only one reason...

We love SBI - see videos from a few of the many the success stories

"I am delighted to provide you with answers to any questions that you may have about SBI! or simply to help you figure out if SBI! would be of value for what you're planning, and how."

Ken Evoy, Founder of Site Sell

Questions? - Click here for all the answers!

SBI! is the complete package. SBI! is easy to use and is the best value of any web site building software available, any where!


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