Knowing the Signs of Alcohol Addiction


The signs of alcohol addiction in the life of an alcoholic are sometimes difficult to read because of the nature of the disease. It’s difficult because the progression can happen slowly. The affected person constantly changes the dynamics of his/her world to accommodate the increase in drinking, and minimize the effects produced by the increased consumption.

One of the signs of alcohol addiction, and this is an accurate statement, the world of an alcoholic gets smaller in order to allow the drinking to increase. The smaller world may include different friends, less “doing” in the drinkers lives and more talking about “doing.”

When someone close to you may comment on your drinking - the drinker will minimize a bad event, quickly forgetting the humiliation that just occurred, as recently as the day before.

The signs of alcohol addiction will vary from one drinker to another - but here are some questions that signal you or your family member needs help with their alcohol addiction:

Have you been unable to complete projects on time?

Have you missed any time at work due to drinking?

Have you forgotten some simple tasks that you do regularly?

Do you have trouble finding people to drink with that drink like you do?

Do you believe that in order to be successful in your industry, you have to drink and party?

Have either your motivation/drive or your efficiency decreased since drinking?

Do you want to stop at one or two drinks, but at 5 to 7 wonder what happened?

Do you have feelings of remorse or guilt after drinking?

Is drinking putting your job or business in jeopardy?

Do you drink because things are either too good or too bad?

Have you been shocked by how you behave when you drink?

Have any family members, friends or business associates commented on your drinking?

Do you have strange mental blank spots that cause you to forget what happened the night before?

Are you becoming someone who surprises, scares, or shames you?

Do you fantasize about a different life?

Have you had the thought, “I am not that bad yet?”

Do you justify your drinking by saying everyone drinks the way I do, its part of the job?

Do you have feelings of hopelessness because you do not understand what is happening to you?

Have you thought that the reason you drink so much is that you have all these problems?

Do you think it is possible that you have all these problems because you drink so much?

In a family business, the main "systems" are: family, management and ownership. Alcoholism not only hurts the drinker and his/her family relationships - it can destroy the family's business too.

If you or a member of your family business is having a problem with alcoholism, contact our Family Business Alcoholism Expert - and ask about our Family Business Alcohol Rehabilitation Program - we can help!

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