29 Leadership Practices

Provide the Foundation
For SUCCESSFUL Organizations

from Dr. Kenneth D. Mackenzie's The Practitioner's Guide to Organizing Organizations

leadership practices

29 Leadership Practices have been identified by Professor Kenneth Mackenzie, one of the world's leading experts on leadership and organizational design.

In today's fast-paced business environment, successful organizations are those organizations that can adapt to change, RAPIDLY. The key to change management rests on these key leadership concepts.

Effective leadership enables an organization to be better aligned and clearly, competitive advantage is gained when an organization is aligned for success.

These 29 Leadership Practices are the primary "indicators of interest" we use when diagnosing an organization.

LP01 Understanding Environmental Changes

LP02. Developing and Using the Strategic Direction

LP03. Ensuring Unit-Level Strategic Direction

LP04. Using Strategic Long-Range and Tactical Plans

LP05. Updating Organizational Assumptions

LP06. Linking the Organizational Rewards to Performance

LP07. Updating the Organizational Logic

LP08. Updating the Organizational Architecture

LP09. Ensuring Consistency of Organizational Rewards

LP10. Ensuring Results Consistency with Strategic Direction

LP11. Ensuring Successful Goal Achievement

LP12. Ensuring Compatible Interests of Results

LP13. Using Tough and Realistic Standards

LP14. Ensuring Job Performance Standards

LP15. Applying Total Compensation Process

LP16. Integrating Job with the Organization

LP17. Ensuring Compatible Interests

LP18. Developing Associates

LP19. Aligning Associates with the Strategic Direction

LP20. Encouraging Best Decision-making

LP21. Ensuring Ethical Decision-making

LP22. Using Organizational Forums

LP23. Ensuring Healthy Problem Solving

LP24. Ensuring Results Oriented Problem Solving

LP25. Nurturing and Rewarding Innovation

LP26. Ensuring Quality

LP27. Ensuring Improvements in Technology

LP28. Managing the New Technologies

LP29. New Technologies Integration

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