Project Scheduling Software

The heart of Project Management

Project scheduling software is the heart of project management. But, before projects even get defined, issues arise in the family and family business, so we'll look at...

Issue Tracking Software

Issue tracking software does NOT have to be elaborate to be effective. We show you what to look for and develop a simple and effective model.

... and we'll take a look at the "big picture" of project management...

Project Management Best Practices

Start with the basics and follow these useful software ideas from experienced project managers.

Now we're ready to look at scheduling software.

Project Management Software

Project management software needs to handle planning, scheduling and controlling. Learn how to tell if your specialized project scheduling software package measures up. And that specialized packages aren't the only way to manage projects.

Project Planning Software

The one definite thing we can say about project planning software is that...there is nothing definite or absolute. Learn early how to track time, costs and budgets and your decision will be much easier.

Project KickStart versus Microsoft Project

Project KickStart 5 and Microsoft Project are two major project management software packages that include project scheduling. Our web master and project manager compares them to see which one you should use - or both!

Project Management Training

Project management training - for professional certification, or just to improve your skills, here are some ideas and sources.

Gantt Chart Software Compared

Want our rundown on three gantt chart software products? We have used two extensively and have written a review about them. The third is one we have not used ourselves, but looks like it would be great for companies in the process or production fields where resources and processes are so interdependent. Read our comparison and save yourself a lot of grief! The Gantt Chart is the most common graphic in project scheduling software.

Project Management Software

project scheduling software Our own favorite project software is Project KickStart 5 , which we sometimes use as a "front-end" for Microsoft Project and more often on its own. You can try it with a full 60 day money-back guarantee.

Project Scheduling Software Recommendations

For simple project scheduling tasks, we favor Project KickStart .

Click at the beginning, drag to the end, and mark it as done... doesn't get much easier than that. [Those who don't like the mouse can also enter beginning and ending date or beginning date and duration just as easily.]

But, some projects just demand more detail. So our choice here is Microsoft Project. Show how one task is dependent on others in several ways; split tasks in the software just like they get interrupted in the real world; View the schedule and keep it on track with CPM and PERT...this one really lets you manage the details.

In fact, we use these two software packages together! [See Project KickStart versus Microsoft Project ]

Chaos Busters - The Management Guide

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Family Business Experts Understands
Family Values and Business Systems

Use our extensive experience as project managers. An hour or so to discuss your project with David can save you countless hours of frustration both in selecting project scheduling software and your overall project management.

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