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Family Business Help Desk

The Family Business Help Desk is a resource family business owners can use to get expert advice on family and business issues that are hurting their family's business

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Financing A Business

Financing a business. Here's what you need to know and a comparison of advantages and disadvantages of different sources for financing your business.

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Family Business Expert

Family Business Expert Don Schwerzler offers success strategies for family businesses

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Alcoholism Impacts Family Businesses

Alcoholism impacts family businesses - tell us your story!

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Advisory Board Benefits Family Business

An advisory board made up of experienced outsiders brings a fresh perspective to problems and opportunities that face both the family and the family business.

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Exit Planning

Exit planning is necessary because you will transfer your business interest - either during your lifetime, or you will die or become incapacitated. Learn how to avoid the chaos of forced liquidation.

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Family Business Executive Coach

Our family business executive coach can help a family business realize its true potential - helping businesses perform better and improve the value proposition

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Family Business Facilitator

Using an experienced family business facilitator makes family business meetings and retreats more effective.

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Family Business SWOT Analysis

Family business SWOT analysis can be a critical exercise in making a family business successful.

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Family Business Assessment

Our Family Business Assessment process has been perfected over 40 years working hundreds of family businesses, large and small and a broad spectrum of industries

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Family Business Consulting

Family Business Consulting resources provided by Atlanta-based Family Business Institute offer tips and success strategies for family businesses

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Coronavirus Business Recovery Strategies

developing a coronavirus business recovery strategy can help the business survive.

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Learning and Innovation - The Art of Connecting Them

Learning and innovation are two linked strategies for successful family businesses. Here are nine changes that will shape innovation.

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Functional Alcoholic

A functional alcoholic is a person fighting alcoholism without the classic signs of full blown alcoholism.

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Family Business Advisor

Family business advisor Don Schwerzler, top family business expert and founder of the Family Business Institute has been studying and advising family businesses for more than 40 years.

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"Battleground" Describes Your Family Business?

A battleground can result in the family business from mixing good family behaviors with an effective business system.

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Family Business Strategy Master

Our family business strategy master can help a family business owner realize the true potential of the business.

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Online Business Plan - Differs from other Business Plans

An online business plan is different than a regular business plan. Describes an outline and seven ways an online business plan differs.

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Performance Metrics

Performance metrics requires that the major work functions in every department be identified both in terms of volume and time. The premise is that work not measured cannot be managed.

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Every family business is unique

"My work as a family business advisor has enabled me to be closely involved with many hundreds of family businesses, large and small, and across all industry lines," says family business expert Don Schwerzler.

"Over the years, the most important lesson I have learned is that every family business is unique and complex, in its own way," notes Schwerzler. "Boiler plate consulting approaches simply do not work for family-owned businesses."

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Business Plan Outlines Are the Backbone of Your Business Plan

Business plan outlines provide the backbone for your business plan. We compare two popular business plan outlines to show you that the backbone does not need to be rigid and fixed in order to provide

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Leadership Assessment

Leadership assessment is an important practice for every family business.

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small business opportunities

Small business opportunities are available on the Net

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Responsibility Diffusion

Responsibility diffusion is critical impediment to successfully growing a family business

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Analytics Is the oxygen that drives Innovation

For many family businesses, 40–90% of analytic type data goes unused, or is “dark (not available),” according to recent research. "Family business analytics can be used to achieve dramatic improvements in operational performance and profitability," reports family business strategy master Don Schwerzler.

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Chaos Busters

Chaos Busters - The Management Guide provides questions that will make your organization more effective, efficient and scalable

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Intra-family loans

Intra-family loans are common practice for family businesses according to leading expert DON SCHWERZLER.

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Family Business Resource Center

Atlanta-based Family Business Institute is a leading Family Business Resource Center (FBRC) providing connected solutions to the unique and complex issues that confront family businesses.

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Family Business Troubleshooter

Being a family business troubleshooter can be akin to being in a room of mirrors.

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Environmental Management Systems under ISO 14000

Environmental Management Systems under ISO 14000 - an alternative to the traditional big stick command and compliance system of dealing with environmental liability.

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Environmental Liability: Hidden Time Bomb

Environmental liability is a hidden time bomb that can wipe out the value of a family business. Learn about the defenses and how to prevent environmental liability.

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Alcoholism and the Family Business

Alcoholism is a disease that can hurt family businesses when a key family member is losing the battle with alcohol addiction

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Innovation is a key leadership practice

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Family Mission Statement

A family mission statement helps to separate the family's interaction with the family business.

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Family feuds can be avoided with seven simple tips

Family feuds won't kill your family business if you follow these seven simple tips.

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Family Business Experts

Family Business Experts is the best family business resource on the Internet. We offer hundreds of great strategies and tips for families in business together.

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Succession Management

The single best succession management strategy is to create an advisory board. Learn why,and how in this interview with a succession management expert.

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Family Business Succession

Family business succession - whose job is it?

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Pruning the family business tree

Pruning applies to family businesses as well as trees. Prune to ensure that only qualified family members are employed. And learn what non-employee family members can contribute.

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Planning for Retirement

When a family business owner is planning to retire, a profound and basic decision must be made: whether or not to pass the business on to the next generation

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