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Family Business Strategy Master

Our family business strategy master can help a family business owner realize the true potential of the business.

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Family Business Succession

Family business succession - whose job is it?

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Environmental Mission Stopper

For many family businesses, at succession time they discover an “environmental mission stopper” that is part of the legacy of the family’s business.

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Family Business Media Center

Family business media center provides writers, editors and reporters with insights into the complex dynamics of family-owned businesses

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Family Business Troubleshooter

Being a family business troubleshooter can be akin to being in a room of mirrors.

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Family Business Divorce Strategy

Without a strong family business divorce strategy, the cause and effects of divorce on a family business can be a profound threat to the family and to the business.

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Dealing With Alcoholism in a Family Business

Dealing with alcoholism in a family business is a tough and complex problem that can wreck the family and destroy the family's business

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Family Business Consulting

Family Business Consulting resources provided by Atlanta-based Family Business Institute offer tips and success strategies for family businesses

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Family feuds can be avoided with seven simple tips

Family feuds won't kill your family business if you follow these seven simple tips.

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Special Needs Trust

A special needs trust is used to benefit a person with a disability. Learn every single way to protect their future security.

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Leadership Assessment

Leadership assessment is an important practice for every family business.

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Alcoholism Impacts Family Businesses

Alcoholism impacts family businesses - tell us your story!

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Succession Planning Obstacles in Family Business

Succession planning for family businesses is like an obstacle course. Sometimes, the best way to look at a problem is to identify the obstacles to solving that problem.

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Building Consensus in a Family Business

Building consensus about how the business should be operated, now and into the future, is one of the most difficult problems confronting family businesses.

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Functional Alcoholic

A functional alcoholic is a person fighting alcoholism without the classic signs of full blown alcoholism.

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Planning for Retirement

When a family business owner is planning to retire, a profound and basic decision must be made: whether or not to pass the business on to the next generation

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Online Disaster Tool Kit

weather cloud

An online disaster tool kit should be part of the contingency plan for every family business.

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Ask the Family Business Expert

Ask The Family Business Expert - Here's your chance to ask our family business expert about issues and concerns you may have about your family business.

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Alcoholism Intervention

Alcoholism intervention in a family business is a complex problem that impacts the family and the business.

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Parenting Adult Children

Parenting adult children who are also in the family business leads to role confusion. Learn how to focus on the boundaries between the roles.

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Online Business Plan - Differs from other Business Plans

An online business plan is different than a regular business plan. Describes an outline and seven ways an online business plan differs.

Continue reading "Online Business Plan - Differs from other Business Plans"

Risk Transfer Is All About Sharing the Financial Burden

Risk transfer is about deciding who will bear the risks that you have identified and that you can't completely control or avoid.

Continue reading "Risk Transfer Is All About Sharing the Financial Burden"

Performance Metrics

Performance metrics requires that the major work functions in every department be identified both in terms of volume and time. The premise is that work not measured cannot be managed.

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Advisory Board Benefits Family Business

An advisory board made up of experienced outsiders brings a fresh perspective to problems and opportunities that face both the family and the family business.

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Is franchising a smart strategy for a family interested in starting a business together?

Continue reading "franchising"


Outliers - The Story of Success provides interesting observations from Malcolm Gladwell that can be applied to family-owned businesses.

Continue reading "Outliers"

Succession Planning Survey

Use this succession planning survey along with Don Schwerzler's no-cost assessment to help you beat the dismal 30% odds that your family business will transition to the next generation.

Continue reading "Succession Planning Survey"

Community Foundations: Make Family Foundations a Reality

Community foundations provide an umbrella under which to develop your family foundation without the red tape, hassles and cost. 18 questions answered in this interview with a CF executive director.

Continue reading "Community Foundations: Make Family Foundations a Reality"

Wills and Trusts - the Basic Essentials of Estate Planning

Wills and trusts are two of the most basic tools of estate planning. In fact, a Will is the one essential tool - everyone should have one!

Continue reading "Wills and Trusts - the Basic Essentials of Estate Planning"

What is Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing and how can it help grow a family business both in size and profitability

Continue reading "What is Digital Marketing"

Outsourcing and digital transformation

Outsourcing is an excellent family business growth strategy.

Continue reading "Outsourcing and digital transformation"

Legal Forms

Legal forms can help formalize the management style of a family business

Continue reading "Legal Forms"

Fractional Executives

AI fractional executives can play a key role in helping a family business reach its true potential.

Continue reading "Fractional Executives"

Preparing A Mission Statement is Do-able

Preparing a mission statement is challenging - you are trying to capture into about a page the very essence of your family business. Discover some of our hints and ideas. It can be done.

Continue reading "Preparing A Mission Statement is Do-able"

Family Business Resource Center

Atlanta-based Family Business Institute is a leading Family Business Resource Center (FBRC) providing connected solutions to the unique and complex issues that confront family businesses.

Continue reading "Family Business Resource Center"

How To Make A Website

How to make a website is the first question for a new web master.

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Nexters and the succession process - succession is not a spectator sport!

Continue reading "Nexters"

Family Business Facilitator

Using an experienced family business facilitator makes family business meetings and retreats more effective.

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Financial Management - Tips and Tricks for the Family Business Owner

Financial management - for the family business owner who doesn't have or need a CFO and all the trappings of big companies.

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