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Addiction Treatment Recovery Process

Addiction Treatment Recovery Process should include helping family members and friends needs to be on a par with helping the addicts and alcoholics

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Family Business Advisor

Family business advisor Don Schwerzler, top family business expert and founder of the Family Business Institute has been studying and advising family businesses for more than 40 years.

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Learning and Innovation - The Art of Connecting Them

Learning and innovation are two linked strategies for successful family businesses. Here are nine changes that will shape innovation.

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Business Communication - Many Channels to Navigate

Business communication is always an important function that family businesses need to manage with a clear vision and strategy.

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Family Business Experts

Family Business Experts is the best family business resource on the Internet. We offer hundreds of great strategies and tips for families in business together.

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Manager Magazine Bulgaria - Don Schwerzler interview

Manager Magazine Bulgaria published an interview with family business expert Don Schwerzler

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Disability - providing for children

Providing for a child with a disability is complex and challenging. We interview two authors who answer all the questions and show us the techniques such as special needs trusts.

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Cohn Winery

BF Cohn Winery celebrating 40 year anniversary - wine, food and music in harmony

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Exit Planning

Exit planning is necessary because you will transfer your business interest - either during your lifetime, or you will die or become incapacitated. Learn how to avoid the chaos of forced liquidation.

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Family Business Innovation - “If it ain’t broke, break it”

Family business innovation drives entrepreneurship, not caretaking. Learn how to start an innovation program and 10 mind sets that have to change.

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Ask the Family Business Expert

Ask The Family Business Expert - Here's your chance to ask our family business expert about issues and concerns you may have about your family business.

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family business analytics

Family business analytics can be the key to growing your family business in size and profitability

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Chaos Busters for Business Owners

Chaos Busters For Business Owners - A Management tool to make your business more effective

Continue reading "Chaos Busters for Business Owners"

Chaos Busters

Chaos Busters - The Management Guide will make your work easier and more effective. Ideal for improving your organization's performance, creating a mission statement or doing SWOT and GAP analysis

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Family Business Help Desk

The Family Business Help Desk is a resource family business owners can use to get expert advice on family and business issues that are hurting their family's business

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Planning for Retirement

When a family business owner is planning to retire, a profound and basic decision must be made: whether or not to pass the business on to the next generation

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small business ideas

A few tips and small business ideas that can help make your business more successful.

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Family Business Facilitator

Using an experienced family business facilitator makes family business meetings and retreats more effective.

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Nexters and the succession process - succession is not a spectator sport!

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Family Business Consulting

Family Business Consulting resources provided by Atlanta-based Family Business Institute offer tips and success strategies for family businesses

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Don Schwerzler Interview

Don Schwerzler founded the Family Business Institute in the early 80’s. Headquartered in Atlanta, it became the very first multi-disciplined, full service resource for family-owned businesses.

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What Your Business Plan Should Include

Our experience has taught us about some things to include, or not include, or how to deal with a particular topic.

Continue reading "What Your Business Plan Should Include"

Marketing and Advertising Law

Marketingand Advertising Law - six key questions for family business owners to ask

Continue reading "Marketing and Advertising Law"

Family Succession Plan First

The family succession plan must be done and agreed upon before a succession plan can be successfully developed and implemented for the family business.

Continue reading "Family Succession Plan First"

Worcester Wreath Company: Another Family Business Profile

Worcester Wreath Company shows us the value of seeing opportunity in crisis and the advantage of acting on a good idea when it comes along.

Continue reading "Worcester Wreath Company: Another Family Business Profile"

Southern Business Research

Southern Business Research strategies enable businesses to improve growth and profits

Continue reading "Southern Business Research"

Family Business Institute

The original Family Business Institute is Atlanta based and founded by Don Schwerzler - provides tips and success strategies for family businesses

Continue reading "Family Business Institute "

family business conflict

Family business conflict can destroy a family business and wreck family relationships

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Using A Ghost Writer Makes Good Business Sense

Using a ghost writer makes good sense for small to medium-sized family businesses. Learn about several situations where a seasoned ghost writer can present the family's best interests.

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Environmental Liability: Hidden Time Bomb

Environmental liability is a hidden time bomb that can wipe out the value of a family business. Learn about the defenses and how to prevent environmental liability.

Continue reading "Environmental Liability: Hidden Time Bomb"

In Praise of Nepotism: An Interview with Adam Bellow

Adam Bellow's remarkable new book - In Praise of Nepotism: A Natural History - in our opinion is a must-read for anyone in a family business. Or any business.

Continue reading "In Praise of Nepotism: An Interview with Adam Bellow"

Organizational Culture

In looking at the family businesses' organizational culture, we are assessing behaviors that are important to creating a strong effective staff and competent leadership.

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Succession Planning Survey

Use this succession planning survey along with Don Schwerzler's no-cost assessment to help you beat the dismal 30% odds that your family business will transition to the next generation.

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Family Foundations: Creating The Family Legacy For Future Generations

Family foundations are a great tool to harness the energy and creativity of retiring family business owners. But they can be costly and involve a lot of red tape.

Continue reading "Family Foundations: Creating The Family Legacy For Future Generations"

Website Conversion Strategies Simplified

Website conversion strategies usually focus on selling. That's why they don't work. Learn how to make them effective.

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American Hero

American Hero veteran's franchise program makes entrepreneur Ray Margiano a hero too!

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Family Business Strategic Planning

family business strategic planning can be key for family businesses to successfully transitioning the family business to the next generation

Continue reading "Family Business Strategic Planning"

reshoring manufacturing

Reshoring manufacturing can be a huge opportunity for many family-owned businesses, especially those involved in manufacturing operations

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Concealed Carrie - a family business profile

Concealed Carrie is a great example of innovatative entrepreneurship in a family business.

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Family Business Resource Center

Atlanta-based Family Business Institute is a leading Family Business Resource Center (FBRC) providing connected solutions to the unique and complex issues that confront family businesses.

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