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website conversion strategies

Check "website conversion strategies" on any of the search engines and you'll get a lot of hits. Most will lead you to buy a product or system that is supposed to help. The sad truth is that you could spend a lot of time and money getting this help and still not build a successful Family E-Business. Why?

It's not because these products are bad as such.

It's because they deal with conversion as a narrow topic, usually focused on selling - "Do these x things and marvelous results will happen!". The reality is that website conversion is the end-result of an entire planning and building process - a system.

Let's look at just one of many typical "website conversion strategies" articles. It suggests seven strategies.

  1. Strong message. Clear and consistent message throughout your page. Stay on topic.
  2. Goals of the site / page. What is the purpose of the page? Too many options for the visitor to choose from?
  3. Clear and effective call to action. What do you want the visitor to do? Did you politely but firmly tell them what to do?
  4. Super simple navigation process.You only have a few seconds to capture attention.
  5. Super-simple buying process. This is more a function of the shopping cart software you choose, but it needs to be simple so people don't abandon the buying process out of sheer frustration.
  6. Make sure your pages load fast. You have about 6 to 8 seconds or people will leave the site.
  7. Test. What do people spend time on, what are they looking for? Improve what's good. Really work to improve what's bad [or eliminate it!].

Anything wrong with these?

No. They are all valid website conversion strategies.

But, if you're a family business owner who hasn't yet taken the family business online, or a family member who is trying to convince the senior generation to get the business online, or a consultant who advises family businesses, or even a webmaster who could potentially help family businesses get online... these website conversion strategies don't help you - there is no site to improve.

If you're dealing with an existing site that is typically under performing compared with what you expected it to do... again, these strategies are hard to implement. They aren't just surface or quick fixes, they go to the heart of the structure. And no one really wants to face a total re-design! Especially after missing the first time and still without a workable and proven plan in hand to guide you.

Does such a workable and proven plan even exist?

Fortunately... Yes!

Let's look at the online process for a few minutes...

Web users search for information. They don't know you, but they want what you know. So, go to the Search Engines, just like they do. See what they are looking for. Convert your knowledge into in-demand Content.

Write and organize this Content so that both the Search Engines and information-hungry readers can find it. These future customers - Traffic - meet you at your site.

They arrive as complete strangers so you need to help them develop trust and confidence in you. How? PRESell - OVERdeliver the relevant, original information that they are seeking. The key here is that you don't start to Sell right away - that only works if you already have an established brand. Use your own style - your own voice - let your visitors get to like you.

Once you have willing-to-buy ["PRESold"] visitors, then your website conversion strategies can be effective. We call that Monetizing. But most family ebusinesses and other business websites fail because they haven't first executed C T P before they try M.

Learn more about the C>T>P>M process here.

All sounds quite logical, but how to put it into action? How do you actually plan and develop a website to carry out this process? How do you know exactly how to do the things that so many gurus write articles about every day?

Fortunately, there's one really good source!

We use Solo Build It! and their system because it ensures that the process is well planned and executed. A critical and most valuable part of SBI! is the Action Guide.

Study the complete Action Guide here to see how C>T>P>M is really done.

Even if you already have a website that is not as effective as you think it should be... and especially if you are a webmaster and want to deliver the best for your clients... you should also check out this Action Guide. You'll be pleasantly surprised!

The seven strategies above were given as website conversion strategies, but let's see what they really are and whether the SBI! Action Guide deals with them...

  1. Strong message. This starts in the first Days of planning and choosing the site theme.
  2. Goals of the site / page. Again, this is carefully developed over the first half of the Action Guide and culminates with selecting site theme and name. Every page is planned to reinforce the site goals.
  3. Clear and effective call to action. Action Guide calls the MWR - Most Wanted Response. Every page will have a MWR, and at most one alternative - a "fall-back" option. You'll see specific tips and rationale so you're not bashful about leading your visitor.
  4. Super simple navigation process. Day 6 gets into the nitty-gritty of how to organize roughly 225 pages into just 3 Tiers. Linking, or connecting them together, is important for both readers and the search engines.
  5. Super-simple buying process. Action Guide provides the tips of what to look for in a shopping cart so that the buying process [for those sites that will actually sell] is smooth and consistent with the visitor's experience since arriving at the site from a search engine.
  6. Make sure your pages load fast. Day 6 and earlier has lots of guideline about the challenging balancing act - it's information that the visitor wants, but pictures [graphics in the online world!] help top tell the story. Bottom line, it's words, not graphics, that sell. So, an effective website isn't going to be loaded with flashy / trashy sound and dancing whirly-gigs.
  7. Test. This is built in at every step of the way!

Yes, they are all covered. But notice how the Action Guide deals with them early in the process... they are built right in to SBI! rather than treated as "add-ons" for expensive tweaking after the website is finished. You could take most any guru's "x points" and find that the relevant ones are covered in SBI! and the Action Guide. It's that good... and that complete!

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