How To Make A Website

Secrets To A Successful Website

Wondering about how to make a website? That is the first of many questions a web master must answer before he/she can produce a successful website.

Like the old adage, "as the limb is bent, so grows the tree", getting a smart start is critical to the success of a website.

While there are many guides and books that tell people "how to" create a successful website, we think the best approach is the Site Build It (SBI) system developed by Dr. Ken Evoy. It remains the most successful methodology available!

Relevant content is the heart and soul of a successful web site. When we started the Family Business Experts website, we aimed for 20 pages of content. We now have over 400 pages of smart content - great tips and success strategies for families in business together! Using the SBI platform, we also publish the ezine Understanding Family Business and the Family Business Blog.

The SBI platform is inexpensive and easy to use – regardless of your previous experience building a website. What we really like is the many options that are available to get your website launched.

You can do it yourself – easy to do and no special training is required.

You can ask for help from a SBI expert on an “as needed” basis.

You can use the e-learning option – an on-line training course.

You can have SBI build the site for you – you provide the basic concept for the website and SBI will make the dream a reality!

To learn how you can create a web site using Site Build It

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To view some businesses that are using a Solo Build It web site to grow and promote their family's business, we have invited thse web site owners to tell our readers about their business and to inlcude a link to their web site so readers can "see" the Solo Build It program in action!

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