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family reunion games

Family reunion games can be much more than a fun-time with the family.

"They can also be important as learning tools that enable family members to revisit and reflect on the values of the family - and a powerful way to help bond families together," according to leading family business expert Don Schwerzler. "With the divorce rate being so high, over 50% in the USA, so much of a family’s legacy can be lost or forgotten. In reviewing these games, we like the FamilyLore Game because it can help protect a family’s legacy for the next generation of kids. This is truly the most unique feature of any of the games."

Schwerzler has been studying and advising family businesses for more than 40 years and he is the founder of the Family Business Institute.

The FamilyLore Game is the best example that we know – where the family history and the family trivia is incorporated into a great learning experience for the entire family, young and old!

How many times at family get-togethers has a number of inter-connected stories and remembrances and reminisces started with “Do you remember….”?

FamilyLore Game builds on that premise – it is more than just a game that is great fun to play – but an opportunity to actually document the family’s history and family’s trivia.

Remember when...?

Remembering favorite family stories is great fun -
now it's a game!
  • Game is unique & customized for every family
  • Interactive board game celebrates family history
  • Teaches family values and traditions
  • Family stories and events shared & remembered
  • Family facts provide many laughs and great fun for all

Family reunions - are a special feature of well-bonded families. Family rituals may start out as "dinner" every Sunday at mom and dad's house and then expand to family get-togethers at the ski or beach home - and even to larger-scale family reunions for the entire family clan. Documenting these family rituals can be part of a family reunion game that becomes part of the family history. It is not surprising that so many family businesses have "summer picnics" and like-kinds of events for their employees and families - after all, they are part of the extended family of the family business!

These games can produce many benefits for a family in business together:

Family Bonding - is a crucial component of every successful family business. Family bonding is part of the business family communication systems that encourages growth and prosperity for the business while at the same time promoting healthy family relationships. Family reunion games promote family bonding within a fun-filled context that can include family members of all ages.

Family Values - always influence how the family business is managed and operated. The ethics of the family business are shaped by the values of the family. Likewise, the concerns we have about family members if they have problems with alcohol and drugs are also issues that must be confronted if they become problematic in the work place as well. With family businesses, there is ever an on-going dualism - how the family influences the business and how the business influences the family! Family reunion games encourage family members to reflect on the values of their family and their business.

Family Traditions - every family has certain traditions that reflect the culture and history of the family. We find these family traditions also become part of the traditions of the family business. For example, an immigrant house painter in Michigan would present a small American Flag lapel pin to those people who hired him to paint. Three generations later, this large painting contractor still continues that tradition by presenting an American Flag lapel pin to everyone who helps their family and their business. Family reunion games can be part of the process of creating a written history of the family.

Family Religion - plays an important role in the family and will also influence the family business. Truett Cathy is a very devout Christian who founded Chick-fil-A, a large chain of fast food restaurants. In deference to his religious beliefs, this restaurant chain is not open for business on Sunday. Family reunion games can help articulate how the family's religious beliefs and convictions impacted the philosophy of how the business would operate.

Family Secrets - are part of almost every dynastic family business. The patriarch of the Kennedy family, whose business is politics, built his fortune by smuggling illegal contraband into the country. The family secret formula for Coca-Cola is locked away in high a security bank vault. Television commercials tout the Bush family's secret formula for their line of canned beans. Family reunion games can teach younger family members about the family secrets - at least some of them!!!

Family Rules - are first applied to family-business children in the context of the family. Discipline and hard work are generally taught at an early age. It is not uncommon in business families for the kids to be working in the family business when they are in grade school and high school. Many of the rules that govern family relationships (honor and respect your parents) have a profound effect on the family- business children as adults and managers of the family business. Sometimes these feelings are so strong that they impair the succession management process. Family reunion games can help explain the reasons behind the family rules.

Family Fun - is rarely recognized as a vital component of a successful and healthy family in business together - we think it is! Many family businesses started as part of the family's recreation. A family interested in boating ends up in the marina business or in the building of houseboats and sailboats or catering to the huge array of marine accessories. A family's special BBQ sauce that ends up being the basis of a restaurant.

We recently discovered The FAMILYLORE Game... and we really like it!

In many ways, this family reunion game is unique because the more you play The FAMILYLORE Game, the more it becomes customized for every family that owns it. That's right - every family creates their own unique copy of this family reunion game.

The first time my family played this family reunion game, we really had a lot of fun - funny how every member of the family had just a slightly different memory of a special occasion or a special event where the family was involved. But as we became more experienced with this family reunion game, the family became more aware of some very important dynamics that are embodied in every successful family business.

The FamilyLore Game is a terrific bargain at only $39.95 - less than what most families spend on an afternoon at the movies.

The FamilyLore Game creates an inexpensive and fun way for saving a lifetime of family memories.

Don't take our word for it - read what other families have to say about the FamilyLore Game.

family reunion games Family Business Experts Understands
Family Values and Business Systems

The FamilyLore Game is another wonderful opportunity for business families to stay better connected.


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