Addiction Treatment Recovery Process

Loved One In Treatment?
Now What!

The Addiction Treatment Recovery Process offers a life line for those who are dealing with alcohol and drug addiction.

There many thousands of books and treatises on the subject and one can only hope that each and every one of those books helped to save the life of an addict.

But drug and alcohol addiction has an impact far beyond just the individual who has the addiction – especially in family businesses.

“Family businesses are not immune to the personal and professional destruction caused by addiction to alcohol and drugs,” says leading family business expert Don Schwerzler

“So much of the literature dealing with the Addiction Treatment Recovery Process focuses on the addict – the person doing the drinking and drugging. In a family business, addiction can impact family, friends, employees, vendors and customers”.

Schwerzler has been studying and advising family business entrepreneurs for more than 40 years and he is the founder of the Family Business Institute Family Business Institute , headquartered in Atlanta GA.

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Lisa Frederiksen is a researcher, writer, speaker, consultant and most recently the author of her eighth book, Loved One In Treatment? Now What!

In her newest book, Lisa observes that addiction is a long term illness – it does not happen overnight.

“Secondhand drinking/drugging (SHDD) is a term she uses to describe the impact that alcohol and drug misuse has on others. By the time treatment is sought or acknowledged as necessary, family members and friends have generally been living with secondhand drinking/drugging for some time” says Frederiksen.

The reason for writing this book is simple: Helping family members and friends need to be on a par with helping addicts and alcoholics.

By including an awareness (tips and strategies) about helping family and friends a more holistic approach is created to the Addiction Treatment Recovery Process – and likely will increase the odds for success.

Readers will learn and understand:

  • The new brain research that is providing the science-based answers to the questions, “Why is addiction a disease?” “Why does my loved one have it and not ‘so and so’ (someone else), who drinks far more?”
  • How the science of brain development and brain functioning can help with treatment of and recovery from an addiction
  • What coping with the impacts of secondhand drinking and drugging does to family members and friends and what they can do to help themselves (and in the process, help their loved one)
  • What treatment can do
  • How to talk to friends, extended family and children about a loved one’s addiction
  • How to “talk” to an addicted loved one so that effective communication can be established

  • What family members and friends can and cannot do to help a loved one’s recovery
  • If you have a family member or a friend who is drinking and drugging, we recommend Loved One In Treatment? Now What!

    It is purposely short and easy to read - an essential handbook for family members and friends navigating the path of a loved one’s Addiction Treatment Recovery Process.

    Meet the Author - LISA FREDERIKSEN Interview


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