Performance Standards Goals

When a Main Enabling Process
is not present or working in your organization...
you will not achieve a Desired Organizational Characteristic
Probably because Leadership Practices are not working

Performance Standards Goals

Professor Kenneth Mackenzie, one of the world's leading experts on leadership and organizational design, has identified in his Holonomic Theory of Organizations the 12 Holonomic Processes [HP] that are the main enabling processes by which the 6 Desired Organizational Characteristics (DOC)are achieved.

Your Holonomic Top Down Assessment indicates that you feel that

HP9. Setting Tough and Realistic Performance Standards

is not present or working in your organization.

So, you are not realizing

DOC4. Successful Goal Achievement.

The Holonomic Theory of Organizations suggests that the underlying cause might relate to the following leadership Practices not being present or operating:

LP06. Linking the Organizational Rewards to Performance

LP11. Ensuring Successful Goal Achievement

LP13. Using Tough and Realistic Standards

LP15. Applying Total Compensation Process

LP26. Ensuring Quality.

Also, with HP9. Setting Tough and Realistic Performance Standards

not present or working, you will probably find that

DOC3. Clarity of Measurement

is also not present or working.

Click here for a detailed description of the 6 Desired Organizational Characteristics [DOC]

Click here for a detailed description of the 12 Holonomic Processes [HP]

Click here for a detailed description of the 29 Leadership Practices [LP]

Remember that this "snapshot" is a preliminary assessment only, designed to illustrate areas where you might have problems.

A full on-line assessment probes in a deeper and more complex manner and provides specific insight and suggestions.

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The Organizational Diagnostic Survey On-Line (ODS-OL) we use is the most advanced working technology for assessing organizations and its leadership practices. ODS-OL is based on multiple sources of information. ODS-OL does more than compile and analyze data: ODS-OL will derive conclusions about the results of the assessment and then derive recommendations based on these conclusions.

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