Sustainability Initiatives

Making a Difference!

Sustainability initiatives have become part of the ever-growing awareness many Americans have about making our planet a better place on which to live.

Landscape architects are often referred to as stewards of the land and its natural resources.

“Many landscape architects work for all sizes of family business, public corporations, non-profit organizations and government agencies whose main functions are to conserve land, water, trees, ecological habitats, and energy,” says

Olivia Munoz Mickalonis. She is CEO of Green Management Strategies - an Atlanta-based advisory firm that helps clients to develop and implement sustainability initiatives.

“Other landscape architects work at designing inner city green spaces, green roofs atop buildings, and attractive green walls - all to counteract the heat island effect. They also play leadership roles in organizations that tout stormwater management, clean air quality, saving trees, and land conservation and preservation". However, landscape architects are not alone in their stewardship of the earth and all of its life-giving commodities.

People from all walks of life, from all around the globe, from numerous professions, and from varying age groups are responding to the call to do their part in saving the planet. They realize that a major effort is needed in this campaign.

Schools are spearheading recycling drives that children are participating in.

People are buying cars that run on electricity, not gasoline. Architects are designing energy-saving homes and buildings that are LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified.

The words sustainable initiatives and sustainability programs are fast becoming household vernacular.

These are only a few examples of people trying to make a difference in how we live our lives by being more aware of the harmful environmental policies and practices of the past.

“As sustainability initiatives consultants, we continuously seek to identify and publicize organizations that have developed a successful approach to teaching and training kids and adults to make smarter choices about conserving and protecting our resources,” notes Olivia Mickalonis.

One note-worthy non-profit is committed to helping faith communities create sustainability initiatives.

Georgia Interfaith Power and Light is a state-wide faith-based nonprofit organization headquartered in Atlanta.

Since its inception in 2003, GIPL has engaged congregations interested in developing sustainability initiatives - making a difference through their commitment to the stewardship of Creation.

“We have worked with over 800 partner congregations to combat climate change, embrace energy efficiency, and the waste of natural resources.” reports Alexis Chase, Executive Director of GIPL.

“Our organization is linked to other faith-based organizations in 40 states,” notes the dynamic leader of GIPL. “Like us, they educate communities on sustainability initiatives like water and energy conservation, rainwater harvesting, community gardens and healing gardens , just to give some examples of our work.”

To learn more about GIPL and to make a donation to support their work, visit their web site at

As long as we humans inhabit this earth, it makes sense for all of us: landscape architects, interfaith groups, and ordinary people, to band together to make our world a better place to live in.

Now is the time to harvest rainwater , install permeable pavements, use solar or wind power, clean the air, and develop alternative sources for fuel. It is incumbent on us to take an active role in sustainability initiatives for our children’s and grandchildren’s sake. Let us leave them a developed, yet environmentally sensitive homeland to inhabit.

If you or your family business or organization is considering sustainability initiatives and would like some help in getting organized and/or in implementing your sustainability programs, contact our Green Management Strategies expert Olivia Munoz Mickalonis – she can help! Simply use the ASK THE EXPERT box at the bottom of this page.

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