Planning Your Family Reunion

4 Tips for
Planning Your Family Reunion
advice from families that have been planning their reunions for years

planning your family reunion

Planning your family reunion can be daunting.

The media's celebration of family values has caused many families to consider holding a family reunion. For some, the families are small and close knit - so planning the family reunion is a manageable task.

For larger-sized families, where the family is scattered across the country - perhaps even scattered around the globe, planning your family reunion could make the logistics for creating the perfect reunion seem impossible.

We talked with several families who have been organizing their family reunions for many years.

They offered some tips for first-timers who are planning your family reunion.

1. Communications and Coordination

Communications and Coordination was the most frequently mentioned concerns - how to do both, effectively. Some families have a "system" they have worked out over the years that works well for them. But they also underscore that the "system", however successful it has been, needs to be flexible. For instance, some of the technology offered on the Internet can be very helpful. Several families suggested to people planning your family reunion to check out a web site - offers a very simple process that allows subscribers to the service an individual interactive web site for planning your family reunion. One of the neat things about this interactive web site is that it gives all of the family an opportunity to input ideas and to participate in organizing the family reunion. And a web site can be used for virtually any other kind of event... wedding, baby, anniversary, bar/t mitzvah...

The family can post meetings, activities, games - one even used the site to get everyone's T-shirt size - talk about things changing from one year to the next!

Another way to handle communication and coordination is to turn to our trusty friend Project Kickstart . It's great for all the planning and coordination - then transfer the file to Microsoft Word or your favorite software and load it up to a free web site such as Yahoo or MSN. You probably have it at work already. If not, order Project Kickstart now and use it for the reunion... and work... and for every club, school, church and other activity you plan and schedule.

Another secret to a successful family reunion is location location location!

2. Location Planning

Location Planning for a family reunion can be very simple - or very complex, depending on what the family enjoys doing. The location also has to meet the needs and interests for family members of all ages. One company we know that manages many different vacation homes across the US and Canada is Resort Quest. Whether your family is interested in golfing, fishing, skiing, the beaches - they have a place for you. And they are very experienced in helping families planning a family union - and helping to coordinate resources and services the family reunion planner can use to ensure a successful family reunion.

3. Family Reunion Games Create Lasting Memories

The games and fun activities used when planning your family reunion range from traditional competitions in sporting events to creative awards for the best refrigerator picture or the best costumes at one of the family events. One of the games that is very special is called FamilyLore Game. It is a board game that the entire family can participate in, young and old alike. What makes the game special is that in playing the game you are actually creating a family trivia game unique for every family. It is a wonderful way to pass on family stories and traditions - to celebrate the good times and to remember the personal sacrifices the family has endured.

Family reunion games promote family values. You can even make your family's own board game!

4. Pay Special Attention to the Family's Values

The last tip when planning your family reunion... those families we talked to underscore the importance for paying special attention to the family's values. Some suggestions include:

  1. establishing college scholarships for family members;
  2. creating a disaster fund that can be a source of low interest loans to family members that have suffered a catastrophic event;
  3. establishing a stock trading club and using that as a devise to keep the family connected while helping to build a nest egg;
  4. a highly entrepreneurial family helping other family members to establish their own businesses by providing low cost business loans and providing mentoring and coaching from successful and experienced business leaders who understand business building strategies;
  5. promote the family's cultural heritage with scholarships or local community gifts;
  6. perhaps the most unusual was a family establishing and funding a Special Needs Trust for a family member with Downs Syndrome.
  7. What we learned in this last tip - when planning the family reunion, make sure to schedule an event that underscores the family's values; those values that enable the family to stay bonded and connected; and to honor and to eulogize those family members who have gone before.

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