South Africa Franchising Expert

South Africa Franchising Expert

Family Business Experts South Africa (FBESA) is a great family business resource and our body of expertise includes a South Africa Franchising Expert.

Why can a franchising expert be an important resource for family businesses?

Simply stated, the fact is that most franchisors are/were family businesses – and most franchisees are family-owned businesses.

Most franchisors have a complete business package - from A to Z - but those family-related issues that can threaten the success of the franchise business are not addressed (succession, roles/responsibilities, spouses, communication, compensation, different work ethics, alcohol/drug addiction, divorce, illness/incapacitation, death, etc.). The franchisee is pretty much left to their own abilities to research and find the leading on-line family business resource (Family Business to help intervene and remediate those difficult, complex and emotional issues.

Our South Africa franchising expert suggests that franchising is a smart strategy for family businesses from several perspectives:

Franchising can be a force-multiplier to grow a family business, significantly

Using the franchising model as a succession strategy

Using the franchising model to transfer family business wealth and wisdom outside of the core family business


 MIMI - An Interview With Our South Africa Franchising Expert            

 Twenty years ago Mimi, our South Africa franchising expert, was involved in the introduction of the McDonalds franchising concept to South Africa, holding many important positions: 

National Field Service Manager

Franchising Manager

Operations manager

Operations development manager Field service consultant

Operations consultant

Branch Manager

In her work as our South Africa franchising expert, Mimi travels to the major urban areas including Cape Town, Durban, Port Elisabeth, Pretoria, Bloemfontein, Windhoek and Maputo.

As a franchise expert, the most often asked question from family business owners is - How to franchise their business. The mechanics for setting up a franchise operation is fairly straight forward. The downside risks to the question about how to franchise a business "successfully" are much more complex!

10 Reasons Franchisees Fail

  1. Insufficient funding
  2. Unrealistic optimism
  3. Change in the General economics
  4. Poor Management skills
  5. Non-compliance to the Franchise Operational Standards
  6. Unsuitable Concept misfit
  7. Inexperienced Franchisor
  8. Poor or Lack of consumer based marketing
  9. Investor versus Owner Operator

According to Mimi, the most often asked question from people who are considering the franchising concept - How to choose the right franchise to buy. Here are some general questions for the potential franchisee:

What are you good at?

What do you understand about franchising, are you the right fit?

Do you have enough money to invest?

Have you done the due-diligence?

What is your exit strategy?

Matches your financial resources

Provides you with the lifestyle you imagined

  • Uses your particular skills and experience
  • Provides a recession-resistant product or service
  • Has a majority of happy and successful franchisees
  • Employs an experienced and enthusiastic staff of personnel who will help you achieve your dreams of business ownership success

  • If you are a family business owner or an entrepreneur with questions about franchising and would like to schedule time to talk with our South Africa franchise expert, simply use the ASK THE EXPERT form at the bottom of this page for a fast and confidential response.




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