Bid Government Contracts

A Smart Strategy For
Family Business Growth

To bid government contracts is a sure growth strategy for many family businesses.

But the sad reality is that most family businesses never get a chance to bid government contracts.

The reason is pretty simple – the application process is a “mountain of red tape”!

For instance, take CCR (Central Contractor Registration).

Submitting a profile for your family business with CCR and the DSBS (Dynamic Small Business Search) and thereafter keeping your profile current will ensure that your family business has access to federal contracting opportunities.

If you are not familiar with CCR, it is the primary registrant database for the Federal Government. They collect, validate store and disseminate data to support the purchasing needs of the many government agencies. This is where information about your business and your capability statements can be viewed by contracting officers, large prime contractors and the general public.

But the application process is just the tip of the “mountain of red tape”.

Another part of the “bid government contracts” equation has to do with contract management and contract fulfillment - words that mean “more red tape”!

There are many different training programs, offered by colledges and universities - and they are FREE. Likewise, there are many government contracfting strategy facilitators available, but the one we like best is offered by SOUTHERN BUSINESS RESEARCH (SBR) . The coaching provided by SBR covers the full spectrum of the “bid government contracts” process – the complete soup-to-nuts policy and practices. The program is very comprehensive and covers the many different aspects of government contracting including:

  • Registering your company to attract the attention of Contracting Officers
  • Preparing a strategy for marketing your company to government agencies
  • Ensuring that your company has the capacity to perform contracts
  • Proper procedures for identifying and responding to contract opportunities
  • Planning for contract fulfillment, compliance and close-out.

    The training program is taught by highly experienced instructors with many years of “hands-on” experience dealing with government contracting.

    What we like best about the SBR program is that they tailor the “bid government contracts” strategy to your family business, starting with a SWOT Analysis , a strategic assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your family business.

    What works best is having one of the SBR experts assigned as your personal coach or consultant. They can lead you through each step of the way - why re-invent the wheel when there is an easier way to get the job done!

    Reminder: September 8, 2009 the E-Verify program is mandated. Click here to learn more about the E-Verify Program If you would like to learn more about becoming a product/service provider to the Federal Government and would like to talk to our family business government contracting experts, use our Ask The Expert link.

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