Raleys Family Business Profile

Raleys Family Business Profile


 Raleys Family Business Profile

Raleys is a third generation grocery store chain with stores throughout Northern California and Nevada. Tom Raley opened his first store in Placerville, California in 1935. His dedication, hard work and vision are the seeds from which this family of stores continues to grow. Tom Raley’s daughter, Joyce Raley Teel, together with her husband, Jim Teel, carried Tom Raley’s tradition of quality and service to new generations of Raley’s customers. With their leadership, Raley’s expanded to become a large regional enterprise serving most of Northern California and Northern Nevada.

Today, Tom Raley’s grandson, Mike Teel, leads Raleys into a new era as the third generation of Raley’s leadership. Through exceptional, personalized customer service, top quality products and unique lifestyle solutions, Raley’s continues to be a family retailer in the markets it serves. Mike  - along with a large and loyal family of employees – is leading Raley’s into a bright new century of growth.

Mike Teel learned the grocery business from an early age. Today, he leads the largest family-owned company in the Greater Sacramento area with a sense of enthusiasm for the business and responsibility to the communities Raley’s serves.

With his passion for empowering people to make sustainable and healthy food choices, Mike leads the company of 12,000 team members and 126 stores with a vision to infuse health and happiness into customer’s lives, changing the way people eat one plate at a time. He is committed to delivering a personalized customer experience, inspiring team member engagement and supporting long-term family ownership.

Over the last decade, Raleys has focused on expanding products that customers want more of, including organic and natural food offerings. In 2015, Raley’s was recognized as the Freshest Supermarket in the Western U.S. and top five Best Store Brands at the Supermarket by a leading consumer magazine.

 Raley’s is widely known for its philanthropic efforts: 

•         Food for Families is a dedicated nonprofit charitable organization (501 (c) (3)), established for the Raleys Family of Fine Stores, which allows employees and customers to provide individual communities local support to address food insecurity.

•         Raleys was ranked Number One in the Sacramento Business Journal’s list of Corporate Philanthropy – Direct Giving for five consecutive years, beginning in 2008. Raley’s proudly donates to organizations in our communities throughout Northern California and Nevada.

 Raley’s actively engages in sustainable practices in many facets of operations:

 •         Four Raley’s stores have received the GreenChill Award, with the Petaluma store receiving gold standard for seven consecutive years..

•         Raley’s is known nationally for pioneering the NutriClean program, which tests for pesticide levels in produce.

•         Raley’s is the first grocery chain in the nation to establish a comprehensive program of food safety and sanitation practices storewide.

•         Raley’s launched a Sustainable Seafood program, which focused on responsible sourcing and the wellbeing of the oceans. Raley’s set a goal of 100% sustainable sourcing by 2017.

•         Raley’s became the first retailer in North America to implement the entire Ecolab program which focuses on simplifying food safety processes to ensure proper cleaning and delivering operational savings through the use of less labor, water, energy and waste.

•         Raley’s has partnered with the Center for Land Based Learning, offering new pathways to developing urban farms and increasing access to fresh local produce, promoting community sustainability, encouraging volunteerism and stimulating educational opportunities.

Raley’s prides itself on its superior local produce:

 •         Raley’s was recognized as the Freshest Supermarket in the Western U.S. and top five Best Store Brands at the Supermarket by a leading consumer magazine.

•         Raley’s participates in Living Local 50, working with farms within a 50 mile radius.

•         Raley’s is the first large grocery chain in the country to sell imperfect produce, which might otherwise end up in the landfill.

For more information visit their web site:   RALEY'S


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