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Compare a Yellow Pages Ad
with a Web Site
100 times the results... at 1/10th of the price

Think of a Web site as a super Yellow Pages ad... with 100 times the results... at 1/10 of the price. People are searching less and less by the offline and more by the online ...

Whatever your local business may be...

Your world, your reach, your impact is now
much, much bigger than a 4" x 2" Yellow Page ad.
This page shows you how to get 1,000 times (literally) the value
of a YP ad from a Web site, regardless of the
type of local business or local clientele you have, and
regardless of your background... starting from scratch,
no technical skills or Net marketing mastery required.

Does your Yellow Pages ad...

  • attract hundreds, even thousands, of visitors, many of whom become new business, per day?
  • PREsell prospective customers before they call you?
  • nurture, encourage and develop the relationship you already maintain with existing customers, increasing both loyalty and repeat business??
  • command undivided attention? Once they are on your site, you have their total attention (unlike a crowded YP page)!
  • take clients away from competitors?
  • develop new ways to monetize your skills and knowledge?
  • give you the ability to update frequently and to reach your clients with seasonal specials, interesting tidbits, etc.?
  • open new markets globally (yes, your local business!)?

How could it? After all, what could you possibly accomplish in a small rectangle, on a big page crammed with other ads?

Compare typical YP results with Web site results (which can and should cost far less than a 4" x 2" ad)...

Indeed... how could a 4" x 2" Yellow Pages ad (let alone an invisible line-listing) compete with a Web site?

Compare a 4" x 2" Yellow Pages Ad with a Web Site

Yellow Pages Ad
Web Site
Content There's very little you can say about your business in a tiny little rectangle. And don't even try to update your Yellow Pages content during the year! Show off your local business to its best advantage. No size, color, or media limitations. Update anytime -- make special offers, let visitors know about new products or services, etc.
Visitor attention Near zero -- eyes scanning Yellow Pages listings Total -- once your prospective customer is on your site, you have 100% of his/her attention
Visitor mindset Dubious, suspicious -- Yellow Pages is advertising. We've all had experiences with services that were downright dismal. Zero credibility. Interested, open-to-buy, PREsold -- they found you through Google, feel smart, and read your excellent content, becoming PREsold upon you as an expert who shares. A Web site that provides as much business information as your prospect needs, along with friendly/useful content, allows the prospective client to know and trust you. High credibility.
Exposure, traffic Near-zero -- Yellow Pages ad may generate a few calls per week (per month)? Substantial -- attract hundreds, even thousands, of targeted visitors per day, on an ongoing, ever-building basis. And, if you do it right (and you will), they will return to your site. Your e-zine also gives you the opportunity to reach your customers on a repeat basis.
Measurable No -- do you have any idea how many exposures you get, or how many people call or visit due to your Yellow Pages ad? How can you measure ROI (Return on Investment)? Yes -- you will know exactly how many visitors arrive, every day, every hour... and you will know everything about them. You know the Lifetime Value of a new customer (i.e., the amount of profit that a new customer will bring to your business over his/her lifetime of dealing with you). It makes it so easy to compare that against the cost of a Web site.
Build customer loyalty N/A -- not applicable Your own e-zine -- develop an increasing sense of loyalty with existing customers, as well as repeat business. You can reach them, free, whenever you want to.
Competitive advantage Low -- everyone takes a Yellow Pages ad. That's why you did. Who gets the attention? The companies with the expensive BIG ads. EVERYWHERE. High -- your Web site, properly done, can both build new local business and pull your competition's customers to you.
New revenue streams No -- Yellow Pages just advertises that you have a business. Yes -- a site builds content, which builds targeted visitors and establishes you as an authority in your field. This establishes the potential for multiple streams of income that can even surpass total income from your current local business. More on this in Diversify.
Open new markets No -- Yellow Pages is a local medium. Yes -- the Net is a global medium. More and more, it will replace large paper-bound directories as the way to find local businesses with local clientele. But obviously, it also opens up global potential.
Expandable search -- geography No -- Yellow Pages is a local directory. And it's totally non-interactive. Users either find you... or not. If you did not buy a listing for a particular locale, they won't. Yes -- suppose the local golf club is looking for a bag-piper in its local town. None? Look in the adjacent town(s). Still none? Look in the nearest mid-size city. Ah... There you are. Better still, a web site allows you to get found in that first town... even if your office is not located there.
Expandable search -- keywords No -- you buy a listing for a single Yellow Pages category. If a user searches in a different-but-related category, s/he won't find you. For example, you sell and service sprinkler systems in your town? Your prospect is looking up "landscapers" -- s/he calls the landscaper who recommends a competitor. Yes -- your prospect searches for "+landscapers +your-town" and finds you (because you created some content about landscaping), is PREsold by your site's excellent information, and calls YOU.
Cost Expensive -- hundreds of dollars per year, per listing, per geographic area, per category, for each 4" x 2" Yellow Pages ad. Inexpensive -- a site can cost less than a single 4" x 2" Yellow Pages ad, no limit on keywords (i.e., how prospects find you), geography, size, etc. No complicated packages, just one single yearly fee.

Net Result?

A Site That WORKS Is Like Having
1,000 Yellow Pages Ads Building Your Local Small Business

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