Project Compassion

Hero Portraits

Project Compassion is a foundation that honors fallen heroes by creating portraits of these men and woman and presenting the portraits to the families of the fallen.

Kaziah Hancock is an artist and the president of Project Compassion. To get a “behind the scenes” understanding of Kaziah, take a few minutes to watch this very touching video about this remarkable woman and how her artwork touches the families of the fallen.

Click here to meet KAZIAH HANCOCK

The United States Department of Defense approved Project Compassion as an official nonprofit humanitarian partner in May, 2005 after a rigorous application and legal review process. All of the armed services work with us to ensure that the next of kin of active service casualties quickly receive information on how to request a Project Compassion portrait. Project Compassion has briefed the Joint Chiefs of Staff, top Army generals, Air Force casualty seminars, and other military personnel to offer unique positive support in our shared service to families of the fallen.

Project Compassion

To learn more about the Hero Portrait program and to learn how you can help sponsor a portrait:


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