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PlastiComm Industries' Ron Montoya, born and raised in Denver, Colorado, worked in the plastics business for 20 years before selling his company to “do government work.” In 1990, after his tenure as Executive Director of the Colorado Office of Minority Business, he reactivated his company.

Initially, PlastiComm Industries was a manufacturer and supplier of telecommunications products, cable and cable products. Today, PlastiComm provides its clients a complete range of technology and communications services and end-to-end networking solutions. Clients include many premier communications giants such as Qwest, Verizon, Cisco Systems, and General Cable, to name a few.

Quality In An Industry That Demands It

Ron Montoya started PlastiComm Industries with zero revenues and has watched it grow into a full-service enterprise with annual revenues of around $8 million. Over the past few years, PlastiComm has earned a page-long list of certifications and awards including the 2002 Diversity Supplier of the Year Award from Cisco Systems, the 2002 Manufacturing Company of the Year from Med Week, and several top rankings from Inc. Magazine’s Inner City 100 List since 2000. In October 2004, the company announced its ISO 9001 certification, yet another indication of PlastiComm’s head-on commitment to meeting and exceeding quality standards.

As remarkable as those accomplishments are, what Ron Montoya likes to talk about are his Father of the Year awards from the American Diabetes Association and other organizations. His dedication to family has yielded not only a solid family environment but also two sons who have joined him in key positions at PlastiComm. Daniel Montoya, Sr. Vice President Systems Integration, joined the company in 1995, and oversees assembly and manufacturing operations. Ronald C. Montoya, Vice President Cable Operations, joined the company in September 1998 to help manage PlastiComm Industries' rapid expansion by implementing a new human resources program and later assuming responsibility for managing and developing warehousing and stocking technologies and systems.

Secret To Success:

Success Breeds Success

“My sons are godsends,” says Ron Montoya. “They were recruited after they had worked for other organizations, and they are both very motivated and talented, especially in technology and systems that help us and our customers reduce costs. They have given us a transition plan that we can now institute. We have always been very close, spending a lot of our off time together golfing, fishing and making family a priority, and that’s a real advantage personally because it builds love and trust in the family. But other companies recognize it as an advantage also. Our family and business philosophy is all about quality and putting customers first, and our clients look at our family ties and trust us to do that.”


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