Performance Appraisal Forms

Protect You From Law Suits

If you are like most business owners, performance appraisal forms are not high on your to do list. There are always other fires to fight but these forms can be an insurance policy against getting sued by disgruntled employees and former employees.

We are talking about using real forms. We are not talking about some notes scribbled on a napkin or the back of some scrap paper. You know, the performance review you did while getting a cup of coffee early one morning when an employee mentioned they were long over due to get a performance review (what they really mean it is time for a raise!).

These forms provide a uniform paper trail - the documentation that will protect you and your business against litigation by employees and former employees where disciplinary action was required. A simple form is an important part of reducing the risk and cost of litigation.

They are more than part of a legal defense strategy - they are an important part of the entire human resource strategy to improve the performance of the organization. Simply put - when you improve performance you improve your profits!

They should be more than a check-off list of yes and no responses. Well designed forms should be used to reflect the core values, goals and objectives of your organization. Well designed performance appraisal forms improve the two-way communication system of an organization. Every successful business leader knows that when you improve communications with your employees you will improve your profits.

Don't forget to train your managers in using your new forms. Remind your managers that the performance appraisals need to be done on a timely basis and kept in a secure file cabinet. One last tip - organizations concerned about security should have their forms include a waiver for employees to sign that authorizes a routine background check .


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