Transition to On-line Business provides some of the best nuts, dried fruit, chocolates, sweets, snacks, seeds, spices, flours, coffees, teas, and gifts around – but it wasn’t always an Internet retailer.

In 1929, Sol Braverman took out a loan to found the Newark Nut Company and began selling premium bulk nuts and dried fruits in an open-air market. Poppy Sol, as he was known to his grandchildren, quickly developed a reputation for ordering the finest and freshest nuts from the world’s best growers and roasting them to delicious perfection.

He spent over half a century laying a foundation for the family business, watching as his sons, Sandy and Kenny, began working with him full-time, and enjoying the company of his young grandchildren, David and Jeffrey, as they helped out in the store on weekends.

For his children and grandchildren, Poppy Sol was a personal and professional role model of hard work and dedication, and he continued coming into work every day until two weeks before he passed away, at age 88.

A family business doesn’t stick around for over eighty years without seeing major changes, and the Braverman family business is no different. It survived the Great Depression, Poppy Sol’s enlistment during World War II, the firebombing of the company warehouse during the Newark riots of 1967, and two relocations.

The biggest change came in 1999 when Jeffrey launched NutsOnline from his freshman dorm room, expanding the company’s market across the continent.

“The Internet was really taking off and, as I was sitting in my freshman dorm, I wondered if people would actually be willing to buy nuts online. I figured it was worth a shot,” Jeffrey says.

Over the past decade, the business has grown exponentially, 95% of its revenue is now from the Internet, and in January 2012, the company officially changed its domain name to

However, throughout each of these changes, the company has retained the same family tradition of hard work and high quality, instilled by Poppy Sol.

In 2003, Jeffrey left his job on Wall Street to have the opportunity to grow the business full-time. His cousin, David, joined him to manage the company’s customer care. Jeffrey’s dad, Kenny, and David’s dad, Sandy, are also actively involved in running the company. More than 80 years since Poppy Sol started the company, it remains a family affair.

Today, sells over 2,500 products, ranging from dried strawberries and almond flour, to gummy bears and chia seeds.

The company has continued Poppy Sol’s search for the freshest and highest quality foods from around the world and adds dozens of new products each year. Among this incredible variety of food products are extensive gluten-free, kosher, raw, organic, and natural offerings.

By their very nature, many of the products are extremely good for you, containing vital nutrients, antioxidants, and healthy ingredients. The entire calendar year is filled with opportunities for our family business to share its yummy joy, whether through wedding candy, Fathers’ Day custom trays, or Christmas gift baskets.

If has any secret to success, it’s the premium guarantee it places on the quality of its products and service.

The company guarantees 100% through every step of the way, from its top-notch customer service to its super-fast shipping. Today, Sandy, Kenny, David, and Jeffrey are still working as hard as Poppy Sol to make sure that the family business continues through the (newly born) fourth generation and beyond.

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