Luke's Wings

Luke's Wings 

Luke’s Wings is an organization dedicated to the support of service members who have been wounded in battle.  They provide families with the means to visit during the service member’s hospitalization and rehabilitation. 

By purchasing travel agency services and travel tickets for loved ones, Luke’s Wings provides an immediate and invaluable service to the families of our men and women at arms while also helping to encourage and motivate the service member’s recovery.

Luke’s Wings was founded in January of 2008 by a group of young people who observed the struggles of our wounded warriors at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Luke’s Wings was named after two people, Luke Shirley (a wounded warrior at Walter Reed who lost an arm and a leg in an EID blast) and Sarah Wingfield, a Redskins Cheerleader Ambassador who was visiting the troops at Walter Reed in May, 2007 when she met Luke…ergo, “Luke’s Wings.”

Recognizing the difficulties families encounter as they make their way to their loved ones’ side, Luke’s Wings purchases the plane tickets and plans the trips, then Luke’s Wings partners with other non-profits that can provide other services including, but not limited to, free or discounted accommodations, meals, entertainment, local travel vouchers, city tours, etc.

“Visiting with family is a critical factor in the recovery and rehabilitation of our wounded warriors.  I would urge family businesses to seek out families in their community that have a family member who was wounded in combat and where long-term rehabilitation is required and to help make the families aware of Luke’s Wings,” suggests leading family business expert Don Schwerzler and founder of the Atlanta-based Family Business Institute.

Many family businesses “adopt” a veterans program to support – to raise awareness of the needs of our wounded veterans and to help raise money to support these programs.

When family business owners put the question to their employees, their vendors and their customers - "Can you help us support our combat wounded?" - they are generally overwhelmed by the response and generosity of all who participate in the program. 

Organize an "event" to raise awareness and to raise money for Luke's Wings! 

YOUR family business can make a difference in the lives of families dealing with the recovery and rehabilitation of a family member who has been wounded in combat. Business leaders are needed to help organize these "grass root initiatives" in communities across our nation -  to raise funds and volunteers - Luke's Wings is a great charity and they can use your help!

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