Local business obstacles

Local business obstacles to going online
and how to overcome them

What local business obstacles prevent you from starting and building a thriving online presence that will help you to grow your offline local business and add new income streams to it?

If you have already tried and failed (and think that "the Net doesn't work"), it's time to start again. You can overcome these obstacles.

If you have been thinking about a Web site, you can overcome these local business obstacles. Read this entire section especially carefully. It may save you months of going down the wrong road.


  • No budget? Yellow Pages shows you how to get 100 times the value of a Yellow Pages ad for 1/10th of the cost of the ads above.
  • No ability? Yes, HTML, FTP, CGI, Search Engine mastery can be crushing. There are systems that eliminate the need for all that. Or you can hire a Webmaster to do it for you. Either way you overcome local business obstacles.
  • No knowledge? The only knowledge you need is your business/ your customer.

Think there's too much competition online?

Remember these three important facts...

Fact #1)

The Net is still young... we have not yet scratched its surface. Start now, though... before your competition makes this a local business obstacle.

Fact #2)

Your competition is weak -- most small business sites die deaths of quiet desperation from zero-or-no-traffic. They are not yet a local business obstacle.

Fact #3)

The process exists that gives you the unique edge, a huge competitive advantage -- a time-and-cost-effective way to build a profitable online business, to own both your geographic and business niche. That means...

1) Own your free, targeted, motivated traffic. Grow YOUR business by growing your own niche-oriented traffic.

2) Diversify. Monetize your traffic in new ways (more on this shortly). Diversify into new monetization models.

3) Build equity. Not only do you own your self-produced targeted traffic, but you'll build a large e-zine list. Hundreds, then thousands, will sign up for your zine, allowing you to build trust over time and to reach your customer base, whenever you want... for seasonal specials, for special releases about new products, to keep providing new and useful content, and so forth.

We know how to overcome local business obstacles...

Our site is built using the tools and process of Solo Build It! It represents the process of moving Family Business Experts beyond a local business to an online presence, both to expand our consulting service and to diversify for new income streams. today it is the highest ranked full service family business resource site on the Internet!

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