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Is An Online Local Business Listing Necessary?
Serious competitors think so!

An online local business listing is not just the way clients find you. Faster and faster, local businesses are coming online themselves.

They are using a local business listing on the Net to...

  • build trust and deepen relationships with existing local customers by providing friendly, personal information about the business, great content (ex., valuable "do-it-yourself" articles), "web site only" specials, etc. (but this is only the first and most obvious step)
  • raise their local profile above that of competitors
  • promote locally and take customers from competitors
  • continue to stay "top-of-mind" and deepen relationships with customers through an e-zine (and build sales, too -- ex., "It's spring, which means it's time for aerating and fertilizing your lawn." - OR - "Announcing our Web-site-only-10%-off-your-next-oil-change coupon")
  • build targeted traffic to find new customers, even add entirely new income streams (ex., as a chimney sweep, your articles on fire safety not only endear you to local customers, but will attract global ones too -- you can monetize this traffic through Google AdSense ads and affiliate programs
  • leverage their local expertise and knowledge for global clients, selling their goods online, even through online auctions.

It's time -- develop a solid Web presence with an online local business listing, generate targeted traffic, build loyalty through a newsletter for customers, get the edge on local competition, and add new income streams.

Despite the overwhelming advantages of a Web site, most small local businesses have at least one Yellow Pages ad, but they do not have a Web site for an online local business listing. (Or if they do, their sites are dying from a lack of traffic and results.)

That is all changing.

Yes... If your business is primarily driven by local clientele, you can still survive without an online local business listing for the next short while. But local businesses are catching on to the Net...

  • to use this global medium to grow their local businesses
  • to steal your customers
  • even to add brand new revenue streams [Diversify: add new revenue streams...] that they would never have thought possible.

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