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Speaker, coach, consultant, social psychologist, writer...

jane adams

Presenting Jane Adams

A dynamic, exciting and empathetic speaker whose presentations illuminate contemporary trends in life styles and choices, provide tools and strategies to increase personal satisfaction and professional achievement, and motivate audiences to take control of their lives, expand their horizons, and fulfill their goals?.

A skilled coach and life boundaries consultant whose expertise, advice and assistance can improve your relationships with your grown children, parents and other family members, friends and colleagues and help you balance your needs with those of others and your personal and professional obligations and commitments?

jane adams
A social psychologist grounded in life stage theory and research whose experience in issues affecting adjustment to midlife is particularly relevant to baby boomers and their families?

A best-selling writer whose books on how people cope with the problems and rewards of balancing personal and professional obligations, maintain family bonds when distance and difference tug at the ties that bind, and develop emotionally and psychologically throughout their lives have helped thousands of readers adjust to change and create happier, more productive lives and relationships.

Jane Adams has spent over two decades researching and reporting on how Americans live, work, and love, and especially how they respond to social change. A frequent media commentator, she has appeared on every major radio and television program. The author of eight nonfiction books and three novels, she is a talented communicator, and an expert in managing personal, professional and family boundaries, dealing with grown children, coping with change, and balancing life and work.

What Can She Bring To Your Meeting, Conference, Seminar or Convention?

Jane Adams is an engaging and accessible speaker who can motivate your audience to create happier, healthier, more satisfying personal, professional and family lives. Her presentations are based on social and psychological research as well as years of experience interviewing people about the important issues of their lives. Her presentations are tailored to the needs of the sponsoring organization and its members, guests and audiences. Balanced with warmth, humor and insight into human relationships, they feature practical strategies and tested techniques for improving performance at work and fulfillment of personal goals and dreams. She will work with your meeting planner to create a program that speaks to the particular interests and requirements of your audience. Her clients have included national, regional and local corporate, professional and nonprofit groups, volunteer and service organizations, and women's conferences and events.

Some of Jane Adams' Books

boundary issues
"Boundary issues: Using Boundary Intelligence to Get the Intimacy You Need and the Independence You Want in Life, Love and Work." (John Wiley & Sons)

when our grown kids disappoint
"When Our Grown Kids Disappoint Us: Letting Go Of Their Problems Loving Them Anyway and Getting On With Our Lives." (Free Press)

I'm Still Your Mother
"I'm Still Your Mother: How To Get Along With Your Grown Up Children For The Rest Of Your Life." (Delacorte Press)

Wake Up
"Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty: How To Live Happily Ever After Starting Right Now." (William Morrow)

Other Titles:

"Seattle Green" (Arbor House)
"Good Intentions" (New American Library)
"How To Sell What You Write" (Putnam)
"Tradeoffs" (William Morrow)
"Making Good: Conversations with Successful Men" (William Morrow)
"Women On Top: Success Patterns and Personal Growth" (Hawthorn/Dutton)
"Sex and the Single Parent" (Coward, McCann & Geohegan)

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