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Free background checks were offered on several sites that we previously recommended. However, the feedback we received fell far short of expectations. Perhaps these free background sites proved the old saying that "You get what you pay for"!

Background Checks
Present a variety of applications

Skip tracing is the business of locating missing persons. Skip tracers locate people using background check technology. Experienced skip tracers can locate most people in a matter of minutes!

Identity theft should concern anyone using the Internet. Identity "crooks" can loot your bank account, run up huge credit card charges and worse of all, destroy your credit rating. But you face a more significant threat for identity theft from people you know casually and who you might want to trust - but any of them could be a grifter or con man. Do you really know them? Do you just know what they are telling you? Do they offer a deal that is too good to be true? An electronic background check is fast and easy to do - don't take chances!

Internet dating services try to vet their customers - but is it enough? Our security expert suggests you run an independent background check before meeting anyone. Doing an electronic background check will enable you to know if the new guy or gal is legit – or a sexual predator. The stranger you just met - are they really single? Are they financially secure? Do they have a career or are they jumping from one job to another. All of these questions can be answered by doing a background check.

Childcare & Eldercare providers who come into your home can easily abuse your family and steal your valuables. Merely "checking references" is not enough. Electronic background checks are extremely inexpensive - especially compared to the potential for risk of wrongdoing!

Potential partners or investors can be vetted with an electronic background check. Certainly every potential partner or investor should be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement - but is that enough? We recommend doing a background check too!

E-electronic pre-employment checks are having a profound impact in screening job applicants and the hiring practices of large and small businesses. One study shows that almost 70% of all resumes contain errors and misrepresentations - what is commonly referred to as "Resume Fraud"! Screening job applicants takes time and costs money. We recommend a background check be done earlier than later in the screening process - don't wait until just before you offer a candidate a position!

Free background checks you will be startled to learn how much information is available just by doing a background check using public records! We encourage you to do a free background check on yourself! Now that could be real scary!!! But, when your time is valuable, and your staff have a lot of other things to do, free background checks may not be the best way to go.

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