Fixed Base Operator

...Backbone of General Aviation

fixed base operator

A Fixed Base Operator (FBO) is a business that provides services at the 20,000 airports in the USA. They operate flight training schools, provide aircraft repairs and maintenance, provide fuel and provide pilot support with weather and flight planning facilities. As such they are the backbone of general aviation.

Many FBOs are family-owned businesses. Two examples are top ranked FBOs in the country.

Wilson Air Centers operate in Memphis, Charlotte and Houston. These FBOs were founded by Kemmons Wilson, who also founded Holiday Inns.

Epps Aviation is an FBO located at Dekalb Peachtree Airport [PDK] in Atlanta. In Georgia, only Jackson-Hartsfield International, Atlanta's major commercial airport, has more traffic! The Epps family has a rich history in Georgia. Ben Epps built and flew the first powered aircraft from a cow pasture in Athens GA in 1907.

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