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When it comes to a family board game, the FamilyLore Game is top of the list for family fun!

This family board game is based on answering questions about the family's history. As this "family fun" game is played, the answers to the questions become unique for each family.

For instance, the question may be "What was the first car owned by the family?" In our family, the first car was a Model A Ford with a "rumble seat"! You can imagine how many young people today know what in the world is a "rumble seat" - and my folks loved telling children and grandchildren stories about their first car!

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Our Experience:

A new twist to the old familiar family reunion or holiday gathering. Now your family can share some moments laughing and sharing, as you all join in on a game of Family Lore. A game customized and tailored to your family and the unique stories and traditions involved within that circle.

Have a family secret you have been holding on to? Oops! The cat will be out of the bag now! Now everyone will know "who stole the cookie from the cookie jar!" Yes You!

This game involves 5 laps around the board to win. Each stop may involve another story being shared by the one making the move. What type of story is requested depends on the space landed on. You may be asked something like "Who was the toughest disciplinarian when you were growing up?" or you may be setup by a family member who creates their own unique question for you to land on - then you are in trouble! There are 600 cards total. 300 of them are filled in and 300 are left blank for family members to create their own.

This is a game that will grow with the family and each year you can add to it. This will be one everyone wants to play again and again - which is great! The younger family members need this interaction and knowledge of their family heritage and times from the past.

We all laughed our heads off playing this game. We had a few "Oh! BUSTED!" moments - but all was in fun and everyone had a GREAT time sharing the time and laughs together.

This is a unique game. I have seen no others like it. This is not one that will go by fast, as everyone will get so involved telling their stories, you can expect it to take twice as long as you planned - but what an ice breaker at a family gathering. No more bored moments, waiting for someone to break out with a story - now everyone will share wonderful times together sharing their past and present. Everyone will have the opportunity to be a hero and story teller in this game.

A game that simply creates bonds between family members and allows every story to be heard. This is one that will soon become a favored tradition at family gatherings and all ages will enjoy sharing these moments together year after year.


A game customized to you and your family

Great for the entire family

Great game for large groups of family members

A lot of fun sharing history


A game for the entire family

Learn family history as you play

Great game for family reunions and holidays



Reviewed by Janelle B. The Family Review Center

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The FamilyLore Game is a terrific bargain at only $30 - less than what most families spend on an afternoon at the movies.

The FamilyLore Game creates an inexpensive and fun way for saving a lifetime of family memories.

Check out the FamilyLore Game

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