Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Useful tool in retaining employees

Employee satisfaction surveys are a useful tool in retaining employees. Management must be aware of employee views and attitudes because employees act on the basis of these views.

Some Hints for Effective Surveys

These surveys are still available from many sources in the traditional paper and pencil format, but are increasingly available on-line or through computer-based software. But to be effective, watch for some key points:

  • Have the surveys administered and tabulated by a neutral third party or you won't get honest, objective and therefore useful responses
  • Ensure the results are properly interpreted and measured against normative data
  • Forms for the surveys must be anonymous. If codes are used, only the third party administrator should be able to link to respondents
  • Group size must be large enough for both validity and anonymity. Discuss your situation with the administrator before signing up for a survey program

Some Typical Measures of Employee Satisfaction

  • Overall Job
  • Satisfaction with the Work
  • Pay
  • Benefits
  • Promotions/Career Advancement
  • Job Stress
  • Productivity
  • Efficiency
  • Coworkers - Performance, Cooperation
  • Supervisory Consideration
  • Teamwork and Participation
  • Supervisory Instruction, Guidance, Training
  • Communication
  • Human Resources or Personnel Policies
  • Concern for Employees
  • Training and Development Opportunities
  • Physical Working Conditions
  • Customer Service
  • Understanding of Company Mission and Strategy

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