Aircraft Aluminum Cleaner

Aircraft Aluminum Cleaner

Top Gun is the brand name of an aircraft aluminum cleaner produced by a family business in Atlanta, Georgia.

This aluminum aircraft cleaner is formulated, tested and approved to safely clean polished aluminum and painted surfaces of aircraft without damage when used as directed.

Top Gun will remove carbon exhaust, grease, oil, and magnetic film without brushing. It works in cold water as well as hot and rinses free at any temperature, designed for use in drive through washes, it can also be used in hand wash or pressure wash applications.

Top Gun was specifically designed to clean aircraft landing gear and other commercial vehicles without damage when used as is. It has been approved for use on Boeing, Douglas, and AMS aircrafts for cleaning aircraft exteriors and engines. It is sold as an easy to use liquid concentrate that tackles grease, dirt and grime and will remove dirt and film without brushing.


For those aviation-related visitors to our web site (aircraft owners, FBOs, aircraft detailers, etc), the manufacturers of Top Gun have created a special offer – to get a box of 4 (1-gallon containers) shipped to your place of business for $75.00 - FREE SHIPPING in the US!

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