Alexandra Scott ["Alex"]

when you're given lemons
learn to make lemonade!

Alexandra Scott - Alex - was given lemons in a big way.

When you're given lemons...

Diagnosed with an aggressive childhood cancer called neuroblastoma just before her first birthday, Alex spent a lot of time in hospital undergoing painful treatment. This would go on for over seven years until she died in 2004 - at the age of eight.

Back in 2000, in hospital about the time of her 4th birthday, Alex decided she wanted to raise money to give to her doctors and hospital to help find a cure for the cancer that she and the other kids dealt with daily.

Because all kids want their tumors to go away

Alex wasn't sure how she came up with the idea, but she knew why - “because all kids want their tumors to go away”.

Alex's idea was to have a lemonade stand...

... learn to make lemonade!

Counseled that it might be difficult to raise money 50 cents at a time, this tenacious kid's reply? "I don't care, I will do it anyway”. And Alex did, raising over $2,000 dollars.

[Vison. Mission. Some promotion helped, and the pricing model of 50 cents apparently had to be abandoned - people were paying with $1, $5, $10 and even $20 bills and not wanting change, so the price changed to donation. Notice that this 4 year old business whiz didn't take long to apply change management principles!]

Over the next couple of years, more lemonade stands were held, each more successful, one dedicated to a friend who lost her battle with neuroblastoma.

What about planning? What targets would a youngster set - maybe another stand, perhaps $5- or even $10,000?

Huh! Not this big-thinker!

By 2004, many others had joined the effort and stands were set up across the country. Corporations and sporting teams/events were helping. Alex's goal for 2004?

One million dollars! Questioning that would seem like asking "how high is high?".

Neuroblastoma claimed another victim as Alex died in August. But what about the audacious goal?

It had nearly been reached in August, and was substantially exceeded by the end of the year!

So much for conventional thinking and planning!

However, this is not just a glimpse into the short life and spirit of one little girl who wanted to do something for others... her parents and brothers continue the spirit and goal. The Scott family have helped Alex's spirit and goal motivate thousands of others to join in.

Learn more about Alexandra Scott, and the many people and activities she inspired - and continues to inspire! - on this web site. There are no lemonade recipes, but there sure are some family, family business and life recipes to be found there!

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