Air Shows

Who Goes To Air Shows?

Air shows

Air shows are America's favorite family & community event.

If you are involved with them, you already know that they are one of the most popular community events in America. According to the International Council of Air Shows (ICAS), about 26 million people in North America attend them each year. One of the largest in the USA is held at Oshkosh, Wisconsin (EAA AirVenture). In 2006, the Oshkosh show had 10,000 aircraft, 2,500 air craft displays, 800 exhibits and over 500 forums and workshops. The expected attendance for the week-long show in Oshkosh will be nearly a million visitors who come to see performers, thrilling aerobatics and a wide assortment of aircraft and aviation-related businesses on display.

What To Expect At An Air Show

In the middle of it all is the air boss. Every show has an air boss. The air boss is responsible for the safety of the performers and to make sure the aerobatics are conducted within the regulations set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration. The air boss coordinates all of the performers on the ground and in the air.

Then there are the aerobatics aircraft. The aerobatics aircraft are high performance aircraft built to exacting specifications. The performers are skilled aviators who must maintain high physical standards to withstand the G-forces when they are performing their routines. Aerobatics aircraft are usually rated as experimental aircraft and can only be flown by pilots with special training.

Held at municipal and military airports, these community events draw large crowds who also expect to see air races and precision flight teams such as the Navy's Blue Angels and the Air Force Thunderbirds. Typically, shows are all-day affairs and feature opening spectacles such as hot air balloon launches or parachute jump teams like the Army's Golden Knights and Silverwings.

Most shows incorporate a patriotic theme, with static displays that include antique airplanes, war birds, military fighter and transport aircraft, and mobile communication centers. These displays allow attendees to see different airplanes up close, sometimes even to get inside and sit in the cockpit. One of the most popular concessions is getting a ride in an airplane or a helicopter.

Who Goes To These Shows? Everyone!

Male (18+) = 62%
Female (18+) = 38%

Under 24 = 6%
25 - 34 = 18%
35 - 44 = 37%
45 - 54 = 21%
54 and Over = 8%

Household Income:
Under $24,999 = %17
$25,000 - $34,999 = 10%
$35,000 - $44,999 = 15%
$50,000 - $74,999 = 28%
$75,000 and over = 30%

Own Home:
Own = 56%
Rent = 33%
Other = 11%

Some High School = 1%
High School Graduate = 19%
Some College = 41%
College Graduate = 25%
Post Graduate = 14%

White = 60%
Hispanic = 21%
Asian = 1%
African American = 3%
Other = 5%

(Statistics based on International Council of Air Shows (ICAS) exit survey of 2004 Miramar Air Show)

According to ICAS, these are the second most popular spectator sport in North America! Over 26 million people attend more than 400 events annually. During the past decade, they drew nearly twice the attendance figures of NFL football! They deliver significant and measurable results for anyone interested in reaching one of the most attractive demographic audiences available.

A large number of companies, including many national brands such as Toyota, Red Baron Pizza, and Pepsi, find this venue to be a perfect platform for marketing, advertising, public relations and brand promotion.

If you are looking for a new and inexpensive venue to market your company or brand to a broad customer base, air shows are an exceptional branding opportunity. If you would like to explore the opportunities for your business, our experts can introduce you to the exciting world of Air Show Advertising!


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Air shows

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