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UFB Newsletter Issue #081 Famiy Wealth Management
February 07, 2008

The Key To Family Business Success
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Understanding Family Business brings you articles and tips from Family Business Experts who understand family values and business systems.

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Understanding Family Business

February 7, 2008 Issue #081

Family Business... Business Family

Family Wealth Management...
Teaching the Next Generation

Family wealth management is critically important - family-owned businesses are the economic engines that drive America’s and many other nation's prosperity. Many generational family businesses are “rags to riches” stories – the success stories of which dreams are made.

It is estimated by family wealth management experts that $41 trillion of private wealth will be transferred from one generation to another over the next 40 years. Yet, a survey of families of significant wealth done by a wealth management company in Pittsburgh found that only 27% of the respondents have discussed family budgets with their teenage children.

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Understanding Family Business.

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Family eBusiness

Website Design

  • Your website design should be relevant to its subject and look professional - it's the first impression that visitors get. But that doesn't mean it has to be done by expensive consultants. And templates can be very effective.
  • It's words that sell, not graphics. Words that sell are critical to your site's success so the site must be part of your marketing plan. < /li>
  • OVER Deliver content that is relevant, timely, and exclusive. Consider a forum for your website, and respond quickly to requests for help. "Give before your get."
  • Build a sense of community by encouraging visitors to comment on website material. Involvement.
  • Respond to constructive criticism if you get it.
  • An alternative that we use is our ASK THE EXPERT form. We try to respond to each inquiry within 48 hours, and usually do so the same day.
  • Offer entry-level or low-cost options or trials. We provide our ASK THE EXPERT sevice at NO COST... our srvice is consulting, so it's necessary for potential clients to be able to "get a feel" for our service before they start into a major engagement with us.
  • Use Alexa to see how your site ranks compared with millions of other sites - it's a measure of the trust you are building.

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