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UFB Newsletter Issue #064 Small business marketing strategy
February 22, 2007

The Key To Family Business Success
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Understanding Family Business

February 22, 2007 Issue #064

One of the most frequent reasons we hear when we ask a family business for its web site address is "But we're just a small, local business. We don't need or want to sell to the world. So we don't need to be on the world wide web." And there are hundreds of variations of that statement.!

But that kind of thinking really misses the mark!

We already have a good section to help you determine if going online is right for your family business. Maybe it really isn't right for you, but don't make that decision until you consider all the facts.

Our new Family eBusiness section starts off with the strong suggestion that readers review our existing Local Business section.

And within that whole section, perhaps the most dramatic insight compares a 4" x 2" Yellow Pages ad with a web site - 100 times the results at 1/10th the cost!


Our Family Business Blog [Blog is short for "web log"] mini-journal will keep you updated about site changes and other family business matters. Check it out regularly on the site from the NavBar button. Better still, subscribe to the blog using the RSS feed information on any of our pages, such as

Understanding Family Business.

Along with updates on our web site, the Family Business Blog also reports on some interesting family businesses - all of which have some valuable lessons for families in business together. Some of the recent stories include:

Widow Saves Family Business
Happiness & Ice Cream
Korean Entrepreneurs
Concrete Innovations
Flying High

If your family business has accomplished something special, we would like to hear about it - and perhaps feature your family's business in the Family Business Blog. Just drop Don a note...!

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And our Family Succession Survey - another fr*ee tool to help you "Beat the 30% Odds of Successful Family Business Succession".

Family eBusiness

Small business marketing strategy

Once you have your online presence established, you'll probably advertise online to attract traffic to your site. Certainly your competitors are! is another free but valuable tool that will help you.

It monitors over 4 million sites, showing you what keywords your competitors are getting good rankings for, who their top competitors are [the top 100!], precisely how much they pay for advertising at the search engines, what position their ads achieve, and how many clicks they are receiving.

That's it for this issue. If you have any comments, or if there are any topics you'd like to see covered, please let us know.

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