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UFB Newsletter Issue #054 Client Testimonials
June 29, 2006
The Key To Family Business Success
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Understanding Family Business brings you articles and tips from Family Business Experts who understand family values and business systems.

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Understanding Family Business

June 29, 2006 Issue #054

We've changed our e-zine format and hope you like it!

And we've started a new section on the web site. We're often asked to contribute articles or comment on family business issues. So, we're putting some of our articles on the site.

Responsibility diffusion - the most critical impediment to successfully growing any kind of business.

We maintain the highest and strictest standards of confidentiality so we never identify clients on our site. But, our clients do say some rather flattering things about us, so we've included some of their testimonials to give you an idea of how we work and have benefited our clients.

Client Testimonials.

Word of mouth advertising and testimonials by satisfied customers are two of the most important ways to promote your business, whatever that business is. Be sure to encourage and utilize both.

While you're there, you'll notice another new feature of our site that will become even more prevalent. Our Family Business Blog [Blog is short for "web log"] mini-journal will keep you updated about site changes and other family business matters. Check it out regularly on the site from the NavBar button. Better still, subscribe to the blog using the RSS feed information on any of our pages, such as

Understanding Family Business.

Our expert, Dr. Ken Mackenzie, identifies 29 Leadership Practices [LP] that are really the foundation upon which 12 holonomic or enabling processes[HP] are built, and which, in turn, produce 6 desired organizational characteristics [DOC]. We'll look at each in this section.

LP25. Nurturing and Rewarding Innovation

Nurturing and rewarding innovation is a problem solving process for encouraging and rewarding all Associates to seek opportunities that benefit the organization and to encourage innovation. Typically this process is applied to group projects cutting across internal organizational boundaries. In LP25, Associates are encouraged to seek opportunities for innovation and to believe that this is their right and their responsibility. Furthermore, for such projects, the organization establishes a one-time reward for the project team based on anticipated results, which is distributed according to each employee's contribution. Following successful implementation of the solution, additional rewards, based on actual results, are publicly distributed to members of the team.

Take our fr*ee assessment on the 29 Leadership Practices...

That's it for our first "new look" issue. If you have any comments, or if there are any topics you'd like to see covered, please let us know.

Comments, requested topics, blog messages...!

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