SAB Brockskes

SAB Brockskes

SAB Brockskes was founded in 1947 by Peter Bröckskes Sr. in Süchteln (Germany) - a one-person business that produced telecommunications and low-voltage technology.

Three years later, the company added thermocouples and resistance thermometers to the product line. In 1958, the company started producing cables and grew to 8 employees. Over the years the company continued to grow.  Eleven years later the company had a staff of 120 people.

In 1989 Peter Bröckskes Sr. died unexpectedly and his son Peter Bröckskes Jr. took over the family business. At the age of 37 years he had to lead the company through every struggle since that time. The main challenge he had to meet was to become independent from the wholesalers. “As a small family business you can only lose if you are only dealing with the big players in the market”.  "So if you 'think in generations', short-term success is less important than long-term viability," notes Peter Bröckskes.

Today SAB Bröckskes has about 500 employees and is famous for its special products designed and manufactured to customer specifications. To meet customer needs, 1500 special products are developed every year. 

The company is known world-wide for it's cables, cable harnessing, temperature measurement and control techniques. With subsidiaries in France, Netherlands, China, the USA and many partners in other countries, the products easily more than 40 countries and are recognized for producing excellent quality products that last a long time.

SAB Bröckskes believes in the importance of training programs that enables the company to produce superior products. We are very proud of our employees - for the third time running, the company was recognized by the industry as the best company for training cable fabrication technicians - in all of Germany!

SAB Bröckskes is well known in the community where it is located. The company is very engaged in different local charity projects. The employees of SAB collect all their “hours of overtime” and sponsor many social institutions in the region. In 2013 SAB gave more than 33,000 EUROS (nearly $50,000 dollars) to charity.

In 2009, Sabine Bröckskes, one of three daughters of Peter Bröckskes Jr. who work in the company, took over the Technical Management at SAB Bröckskes and became a shareholder of the company in 2011. Father and daughter share a close working relationship and a shared vision for the future of the business.

After the death of his father, Peter Bröckskes Jr. was faced with a very difficult situation because there was no formal succession plan. This can become a very risky situation for any family business as well as for family relationships. For this reason, Peter Bröckskes Jr. decided to create a succession strategy so his daughters do not have to be confronted with the same problems he faced when his dad died.

The company can look back on more than 60 years of experience and is proud that everything is still produced at the same location in Germany.

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